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What Does Oxygen Have to Do with My Marine Aquarium

Oxygen is more beneficial than many of us think with regards to our livestock. These are some of the pertinent reasons as to why dissolved oxygen should be maintained as close to the saturation point and ways of performing this....

Cat Behavior and What it Means

Why do cats purr or make those strange, chattering sounds when they see a bird through a window? This article answers these and many more questions about why cats behave the way they do.

Introduction to the MiniRex Rabbit

The Mini Rex is a small rabbit with a distinctive coat.

All About the Breed Portuguese Shepherd

Have you recently fallen for the Portuguese Shepherd or do you simply love rare breeds? Learn all about the breed here, including: breed history, personality traits, train-ability, benefits and disadvantages of the breed, and common health concerns.

The Art of Choosing a Dog Collar

Confused about the best dog collar for your dog? Here's how to sort through the choices and pick the right one.

How and When to Introduce a Second Pet

Most pet lovers around the globe have more than two pets. Managing two different pets is not an easy job unless you follow some specific guidelines.

Why Dogs Seem to Lick Everything and How to Stop the Behavior

Some dogs just love to lick everything and everybody in sight. Sometimes it can be very annoying for the pet parents and even a danger for the dog. there are ways to work with the dog to stop the behavior . . .

How to Prepare Your Dog to Compete in Rally Dog Sport

Rally is the newest canine performance sport offering elements of many other dog sports put together. There are both obedience and agility exercises as well as Freestyle.

Dogs Vs Cats How to Mediate a Conflict Between Pets

Tips to help you mediate the conflict between pets in your home.

Review of the Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box

The Booda Dome Clean Step is an ideal litter box for small apartments, tight spaces and picky, litter-tracking cats.

How to Avoid Declawing Your Cat by Choosing a Little Known Alternative Method

Do you know how many cat owners wrestle with guilt over the "To Declaw Or Not To Declaw" question? There's an alternative surgery that most cat owners are not aware of that will resolve the declaw issue, save your belongings, and spare your kitty enormous pain.

A Terminally Ill Pet

Unfortunately, sick pets usually do not just pass away in their sleep. Pet owners, more often than not, have to make the difficult and painful decision of having a sick animal euthanized.

Raising Rabbits for Meat

Learn how to raise your own rabbits as a nutritional source for your family's table.

How to Teach Children to Care for the Dog

How many times have you heard it: "Can I please have a dog? I swear I'll take care of it!" Children love dogs and giving your children a dog can be a great way to teach responsibility. But you must also be willing to teach your children to care for the dog.

All About the Breed Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Have you recently fallen for the Central Asian Shepherd Dog or do you simply love rare breeds? Learn all about them here, including: Breed History, Personality Traits, Train-ability, Benefits and Disadvantages of the Breed, and Common Health Concerns.