Wellflex Joint Supplement for Dogs Review

If your dog suffers from arthritis or conditions such as hip dysplasia and is showing evidence of pain, joint stiffness, having difficulty walking or jumping, they may need a joint supplement such as Wellflex.

Older dogs often suffer from joint pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism, much like older humans do. This can be caused by injury, being overweight, poor nutrition, lack of exercise or even genetics. In addition, younger dogs such as those from larger breeds like Labrador Retrievers are often prone to diseases such as hip dysplasia.

In addition, to ensuring your dog is on the best diet possible, that they get enough exercise and are of the proper weight, providing supplements for your dogs whether they are suffering from joint pain or as a preventative measure can help not only reduce joint pain in older dogs and those suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia, but provides dogs prone to hip dysplasia with nutrients that are essential for healthy cartiladge and connective tissue development that is needed for healthy joints.

As an owner to a dog of 12 years who is beginning to show the signs of stiffness and difficulty jumping up and of a puppy who is also a large breed dog, I began to search for a product that would not only provide the appropriate levels of glucosamine for my pups, but also have the other ingredients such as chondroitin that my vet recommended, MSM which goes hand in hand with glucosamine and without the extra preservatives or other unhealthy ingredients such as coloring or sugars. Trusting the Wellness Brand and comparing it to numerous other glucosamine supplements on the market, I was pleased with the levels of glucosamine and other supplements I was looking for, as well as the fact that all the other ingredients were natural and without any preservatives or added sugars.

WellFlex Joint Support Supplement comes in two strengths: regular and double strength for large breed dogs. I purchased the WellFlex DS (double strength) as I have two labs. This supplement combines joint support factors such as Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Chondroitin Sulfate, and Glucosamine with Vitamin C in order to provide the building blocks necessary for joint and connective tissue support. The levels of these active ingredients are: MSM (500 mg), Chondroitin Sulfate (400 mg), Glucosamine GCl (250 mg), Ascorbic Acid (50 mg), and Manganese (2.4 mg). Other ingredients include brewers yeast, alfalfa, natural chicken flavor, kelp, yucca, blueberries, garlic, carrots and parsley.

For initial use, Wellness recommends 2 tablets for dogs between 30-60 pounds; 3 tablets for dogs 61-100 pounds and 4 tablets for dogs that are over 101 pounds. After 4-6 weeks of this initial dosing, recommended maintenance dosage is 1 tablet daily for dogs 30-60 pounds; 2 tablets daily for dogs 61-100 pounds, and 3 tablets daily for dogs over 101 pounds. Wellness also suggests to administer the Wellflex Joint supplement during or after eating to minimize any possible gastrointestinal distress.

As compared to other joint supplements on the market for pets, Wellflex contains all three of the essential ingredients for good joint health: glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin. Most products contain a combination of glucosamine and MSM but without chondroitin (which my vet highly recommended the product should have), even if the glucosamine levels were higher in those products. Throughout the course of the day (the pills should be administered in the AM and PM if more than one is given) my dogs get an appropriate dose of glucosamine (it is recommended they receive about 500 mg per day). If your dog does need a higher dose of glucosamine and other ingredients, there are others on the market that may be more effective for your pup, especially if they have severe arthritis or complications from hip dysplasia, which can be very painful for your dog.

Some precautions listed on the bottle include: contacting your vet for use with dogs that have a history of clotting disorders, diabetes, metabolic disorders causing hyperglycemia, history of urinary tract stones, known allergies to shellfish and if they are being treated with anticoagulant medications. This product has also not been tested on pregnant dogs.

Regardless of the supplement you select, you should carefully read the ingredient labels in order to ensure the appropriate combinations of vitamins and minerals are present. In any joint formula, glucosamine should be an essential ingredient as it is essential for joint cartilage and synovial fluid and occurs naturally in the body. Chondroiton is also present in living organisms's cartilage and works to combat and neutralize destructive enzymes which accelerate cartilage destruction. Ascorbic acid helps in the absorption of glucosamine, so is helpful to have in the supplement you purchase as glucosamine is not readily absorbed by the body. MSM has been shown to be useful as an anti-inflammatory, which relieves pain and slows the progression of arthritis. It is a naturally occurring sulfur in the body and helps to improve cellular uptake of vitamin A, B, C, D and E as well as amino acids, calcium and manganese. This helps the body synthesize collagens for connective tissue health, membrane flexibility and promotes cell regeneration, prevents pressure build up in cells and has been shown to help relieve pain associated with joint and arthritis problems.

Other ingredients found in Wellflex DS are also useful for your dog's health. Omega 3 fatty acids have also been shown to work as an anti-inflammatory, slowing the progression of arthritis and degenerative joint disease, cardiac health and helpful in skin conditions associated with allergies. Brewers yeast has been shown to be a cure for fleas and for healthy coats and contains proteins that aid in reducing shedding. Alfalfa has been shown to be healthy for kidneys, stimulate the immune system and prevent osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer. Yucca is an all natural steroidal supplement which helps with inflammation of joints as well as reduces soft tissue swelling to help with digestive problems. Kelp provides potassium and is very nutritious.

After having my dogs on the WellFlex DS supplement for the last three weeks, I am very pleased to say that it has greatly improved my older dog's mobility. She is displaying less evidence of joint pain, is jumping up to fetch treats and getting on and off the couch and in and out of the car with much more ease and appears to not be as stiff in her hind legs as she previously did. She is also much more able to get back up when the puppy jumps on her and is not showing any signs of distress as she did prior to using Wellflex DS. I do not see any differences in my puppy, but this is to be expected as there were no previous problems. I do plan on continuing to keep her on this supplement as a preventative measure for developing hip dysplasia, which is so prevalent in this breed.

I highly recommend using this product, especially if you have older dogs that are showing some signs of arthritis or joint pain. I would also suggest consulting with your vet prior to use as I did in using it with both my pup and older dog to ensure it is safe for your pet. I strongly suggest using this product even though it is expensive as it has worked wonders for my older dog and I would happily continue to pay a few extra dollars to make her as comfortable and happy as possible.