Amputee Cat One Kittys Story

One of our cats suffered from an injury that eventually led to amputation. This is her story and current status living as a three legged kitty.

We got our cat a few years back. If I recall correctly, she was a stray and a gift that I found sitting in the bathtub one day upon my return home. Surprise! The general consensus for a name was KitKat. I called her Uggie. I'm told she's a tortoiseshell cat, but I generally categorize her as a "what the heck" cat. She is a patchwork mess of colors, browns and yellows and blacks with harsh yellow eyes that will burn holes into you while you sleep. In time, she grew on me. She's not so ugly, I decided. We became pals. She's all grow up now, still a petite little girl who likes to nap with the dog and roughhouse with her adoptive brother and sisters.

We live on a farm where traffic is never an issue. Our most common visitor? It's a close tie between the meter reader and, "I'm lost, can you point me back to town?" guy. That being said, the cats love to roam during the day and come in to sleep at night. In our 15 plus years living here, nothing has ever happened. That changed recently.

Kit came home one day and jumped up on the bench near the door to eat, as usual. Her rear leg was dragging behind her, but she didn't seem to mind. My mom went to inspect it. Then Kit minded. She threw a fit, but it was concluded that her leg was broken. We ran her to the closest veterinarian. It was completely snapped in two on the femur. Maybe she got caught under something and snapped her leg to get free or maybe she was kicked by a deer. Either way, the leg was broken.

Our options? Both pricey. The leg could either be pinned and wrapped in a hard cast or amputated. We were told that the pinning option had potential, but if it didn't work, she would have to lose the leg anyway. The best option was an amputation.

A few hundred dollars and a short wait later and we had one very agitated three legged cat. She spent a few days drugged up on pain meds before the real trouble started. Kit is normally very private. She likes to be left alone unless she approaches you for something, so none of this was not ideal for her. We had a sanitizing spray, so medicating the actual area wasn't too bad for us or her, but it was far from appreciated.

Kit was fine until she decided that she didn't like staples and started pulling them out. Then she decided that she wanted to jump and climb. Staples did not stay in for long. In addition to staple hatred, she also suffered from a little touch of kitty Cabin Fever, since she couldn't go outside for a long time. Every now and then she would hide and wait, and when someone opened the door, she would shoot between their feet and be gone! Once this resulted in my dad tiptoeing through the green briers trying to catch her before she took off for good. After this, she spent so long hiding and sulking that we all assumed that she had sneaked out again. We found her hours later hiding beneath the bed.

Eventually, the stitches came out, the fur grew in, and the Kitkat came back. She's back to her goofy old self again, and it's rare that she's hindered by her injury. Sure, she hops now instead of walking, but she can run, jump, and climb just like before. She still beats up her siblings and sleeps with her dog.