Tips for Having an Anti Social Cat

Anti social cats take some getting used to, but the feeling is mutual.

Cats aren't always the most social of animals. There are cats that live on their owner's laps and are extremely social and then there are the cats that are perfectly happy spending the entire day in a room by themselves. We first got our cat when she was a kitten, only a couple of months old. She was dropped off on the doorstep of an animal hospital, left with her brother's and sisters. She was the runt of the litter, had an adorable little tail and big bright eyes. We immediately decided to keep her.

When we brought her home she squirmed when someone put her on their lap or held her. The only time she wanted to stay in a room with people is when someone held her interest long enough by waving a string in front of her face. Since we had two dogs and two other cats, we decided to make her bed in one of the bedrooms where she could have her own space. She took to the other animals well as long as they left her alone most of the time.

As she got older we realized that having her spend time with other people was nearly impossible. She came downstairs to eat and spent the entire rest of the day upstairs. If someone tried to put her on their lap, she would squirm and then run back to the bedroom. However, when we went upstairs into the bedroom she would run and hide until we sat down for a few minutes. When she thought it was okay, she would come out and let us pet her. If it wasn't a member of the family, she wouldn't come out at all. We finally gave up trying to bring her downstairs and let her stay contently in the bedroom.

Considering none of our animals were ever anti social, we had to figure out different ways to work with her to give her everything that she needed without forcing her to be exposed to things that she didn't want to deal with. Her snack food bowl, a bowl of water and her litter box were put outside of the bedroom so she has easy access to both without her having to expose herself to other people.

We always make sure that we go up several times a day to pet her and brush her. When we go to spend time with her, we have to sit on the bed and call her to come out. She'll look around to see what you're doing before she eventually jumps on the bed and stares at you. Finally, she'll make her way over to you and let you play with her and pet her. Sometimes she's in the mood to play and sometimes she's not, and if she's not she'll certainly let you know by running away and hiding.

The only problem we really have a problem with her being so anti social is when she has to go to the vet. Since she's always in that room we know where she is, but getting her to come out is another matter. Otherwise, we have no choice but to accept that she's anti social.

For those that have anti social cats, the best thing to do is to let them have their own space where they feel safe. After you first get them and they keep showing repeated signs that they are anti social, it is better to just let them do what they want. If someone has to approach them, make sure to have them take it very slow, even on a day to day basis. Cats will learn to trust certain people who they see frequently and who aren't intimidating.

Make sure that their litter box along with a snack and a bowl of water are nearby at all times. With people moving around the house all day the cat needs to make sure to have access to these important things where they won't feel nervous about going near them.

Even though the cat is anti social toward humans, doesn't mean that you have to be anti social toward the cat. Make an effort to spend time playing with the cat and petting them. Anti social cats still need affection and need play time.

Don't put anti social cats in the same area as other pets in your house until they are fully acquainted. If you put them together too soon it will have the potential to cause problems such as the cat feeling as though their space is invaded or even fighting between the animals.

Anti social cats take some getting used to, but the feeling is mutual. Even though it takes more time then if you have a cat who isn't anti social, they are still great pets to have around.