Family Pets Are the Innocent Victims of Foreclosure

House foreclosure has been a serious result of the troubled economy. Cats, Dogs and other pets have been found abandoned, starved, dehydrated and found dead in abandoned homes.

The troubled economy has led to higher unemployment and a rise in house foreclosures as many families find themselves without the means to make monthly payments. One of the more disturbing results of the poor economy is the number of pets being left inside a foreclosed home some locked inside their kennel. As a pet owner, I find this inhumane attitude towards a four-legged member of the family a troubling sign of the attitudes some people have developed over the years. Yes, house foreclosure is a difficult time for families who find they may have nowhere to go. But no one is removed from a home overnight. A family that chooses to adopt a pet must also realize the responsibility of taking care of the needs of the new family member. Pets are not property but living creatures.

Fortunately, there are places where many of these abandoned animals could go instead of dying a slow inhumane death of starvation and dehydration. There are also many concerned citizens who want to help and willingly give up time and money to rescue other people's pets. Suffering a slow death is not the best option for any pet owner facing foreclosure and this, by far, is a cruel end to an animal life.

What a pet owner facing foreclosure should do?

Any pet owning family facing foreclosure should first remember that adopting a pet is a responsibility. Animals, particularly cats and dogs, become attached to an adoptive family and depend on us for their care. The first thing, for a family facing foreclosure would be to contact a family member or friend. There may be someone more than willing to take in a family pet. Never assume that a bank, real estate representative or other stranger will check out the house within twenty-four hours of vacating. Quite often, however, it is the real estate agent that finds these animals past rescue.

What if your friend or neighbor is loosing their home.

Anyone who is aware or suspects a family has lost their home should simply ask about the pets. They may appreciate concern for their animals or they may not. However, stepping on a few toes is a better option then letting and abandoned pet suffer without food and water. For neighbors who suspect that a family has left their pets behind when the house was foreclosed may contact the police or animal control and report it immediately. The possible abandonment can be investigated and an abandoned pet may be rescued and adopted to a new home.

Who can I contact about my pets?

Although it may be a difficult decision, pets can be left at a local animal shelter. Yes, it is possible that the animal shelter may not be able to find another family to adopt the animal. But leaving them with a healthy animal increases their chances of survival. Public awareness has also increased the number of adoptions at some of the animal shelters. But if the animal is found days after foreclosure then he or she may be beyond rescue. They may suffer for days until they are found. Our pets should not be forced to suffer a cruel inhumane ending. They become attached to their adoptive family and provide a lot of affection. We should all be responsible pet owners and return their affection with great care. It is a long-term commitment worth having.