Be a Good Mom to Your Cat

Shelters everywhere are always trying to get the cats that are homeless adopted by good families.

Adoption of a cat is done every day. Shelters everywhere are always trying to get the cats that are homeless adopted by good families.

Many are men; but I am a woman, and this is how to be a good mom to your cat.

I sat reading the adoptive mom articles. I wondered why a human is more important than a cat. Not to stir up feelings of any arguments; but I choose to be a mom to cats rather than a human child. The reasons why are numerous. I always hear from people that I would make such a good mom.

I am in fact a God-mother to a child. I however, never really wanted to have a baby. Mothers expect you to do that so they have grand-children. One day I realized that I didn't want to be a parent to a human. I did however, wish to adopt a cat and be a parent to that.

Over the years I have been a surrogate mom to many a wild and homeless cat. I used to leave food for them. I tried to make them feel comfortable when they ate and make them feel welcome at my backyard. I may even one day volunteer at a shelter for homeless pets. I am sure it would involve caring for all animals; just specializing in caring for cats.

Then one day I went to a shelter and found my cat Nova. Pictured here, he is now 8 years old. I adopted him at about a year and a half. Adult cats are the least adopted of the bunch. I recommend it to you though as they tend to be better behaved than kittens. Kittens will tear your home apart if left to their own vices.

So, to be a good adoptive mom to your cat you have to care for them as you would a child. The perk is you can go to work and do things without the worry of a sitter. I worried that my cat would be lonely, and went finding a boyfriend that had a cat. I found that, and more. He had five cats actually. So now, I am a mommy to 6 cats.

They often appear on my website and blogs. I love them tons. Like a mom to a human child, they need attention and care. They need to be held, snuggled, smooched, and require feeding. The litter boxes have to be changed and they often will hack up a fur ball. If you are not able to handle it be prepared. Cats puke as much as babies. They only difference is; they puke all of their lives. Children puke only when sick or as young children. You get the point.

So it's not for the queazy people. It is very rewarding though. You should consider your home from a cats perspective to be a really good cat mommy. Is the home safe from toxins that they will and do get into every day? Is there anything that is placed high that could be knocked onto another cats head?

Also be careful of your self. Just ask my boyfriend about that one. Our youngest cat Libby knocked a heavy object onto him one day. It was really scary. So do be as careful with cat proofing, as you would baby proofing. It's really part of being a good cat mommy.

All of these things will help you in your quest to be a good mom to your cats. Take time to enjoy them also. They really do grow up faster than a human child.

Think of it this way. If you really love your cat, imagine at the hour of their departure for college a permanent departure. Most cats live only 18-25 years. Kids grow up and you still get to be a part of their lives. So remember to cherish your cat. They need your love and will love you back. The time is so precious. Don't miss out on one single moment of being a good adoptive mom to your cat