Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Small Dog

If you're a pet owner, a pet lover, or simply giving a gift to your relatives pooch, here are some great gifts for small dogs this holiday season.

Pet owners and lovers around the world not only give gifts to their spouses, children, relatives, and friends, but also to their animals (especially at Christmas time). After all, Sparky is a part of the family too right? If you're a pet owner, a pet lover, or simply giving a gift to your relative's pooch, here are some great gifts for small dogs this holiday season.

The first great gift on the list is a new bed for your dog. Some dogs sleep with their owners in bed and some sleep in their own doggie beds. Whether your dog normally shacks up with you or in his own quarters, consider getting him a comfy new bed. Humans get new mattresses and dogs need new beds too. Who knows, maybe you'll even be able to convince your pooch to take up napping in his own bed for a change.

A great bed for small dogs is the Durabed Dog Bed by Petmate. This ingenious bed is recommended by veterinarians because it supports your dog's spine and keeps him away from the cold air and drafts. 

Next, how about a new collar? Everyone knows that nothing makes dogs more proud than having a nice new collar. Collars come in an unimaginable array of colors, designs, and materials. May I recommend the Polo Leather Dog Collar by Fox amp; Hounds. These beautiful collars are high quality, glove tanned leather that will give your dog a feeling of prestige without the expensive price tag. Instead of wearing out and becoming ratty as most collars do, they actually get more beautiful with age. I'm not sure how many stores carry them, but I know they can be found on, as this where I purchased one. You can also try copying and pasting the name into search engines and online store sites, or calling local stores and asking them if they carry it.

What's a holiday without some treats? A great place to find gourmet treats for your dog is Muttropolis. I recommend the Gourmet Mutt Munchers Dog Treats. I find them to be both affordable (retailing for $13.95) and most dogs love them. They even have options for diabetic and vegetarian dogs. The treats are made from all natural ingredients and can even be consumed by humans (I'll pass, but you never know who will want to try one). You can decide from three different flavors or get a mixed bag for variety.

Of course no holiday would be complete without a little bit of pampering and relaxation for your pooch. While the possibilities are endless for this topic as well, you don't have to spend a fortune to pamper your dog. I recommend getting the Calming Aromatherapy Spritzer so your little dog can de-stress and let his canine woes float away. This spritzer contains chamomile and lavender for relaxation; coat conditioners; it reduces static; and it detangles and adds shine to your dogs coat. Now that is the lap of luxury!

This holiday season would not be complete without a gift for your pets, and now it should be easier than ever to get your small dog something he will truly enjoy. Granted, some items may be out of stock but in that case, take the recommendations as a sounding board for great ideas and when in doubt, ask for help from a qualified sales associate.