The Unusual Qualities of Siamese Cats

A Siamese cat or Siamese mix can be a great addition to almost any home. However, they do have some unusual qualities that are unique to this breed.

Owning a Siamese or Siamese mix can be a wonderful experience for any cat owner.

However, they do come with some personality and health quirks not seen in the average cat. Below are a few things you should keep in mind before you add a purebred or mix into your home

The Chatterbox

If you want a quiet cat, the Siamese cat or Siamese mix may not be the cat for you. They often have a lot to say, and tell you "stories" all day long. In fact, Siamese cats are known for being very (if not the most) vocal cat breed. Their vocal range is huge, and can range from tiny fits of meowing to howling.

So, if you like a quiet home this may not be the ideal option for you. My friend's cat Sinatra was originally named by the shelter for his pension for "singing" all the time, if that gives you an indication on how chatty they can be.

Curious Cats

Siamese purebreds and mixes are extremely intelligent and are prone to get into places that you least expect. Sinatra was renamed "Sin" because he caused the whole house to be child-proofed. He can open and manipulate anything ranging from doors and cabinets, to the knob on the toilet.

Be prepared to modify your home if they become too curious, and give them plenty of toys and games to keep their mind occupied. Also, they love to climb and the higher they can get the better. Sin has gotten himself stuck on several shelves because he thought it was a great idea to climb up on shelves with no idea how to get down.

Overall Health

Overall, this breed is very healthy and tends to live up to 20 years and even longer. However, because of their unique face shape they are prone to respiratory infections more frequently than the average cat. Keep an ear out for sneezing, or any changes in breathing - and bring them to the vet. A basic cold can turn into a respiratory infection quickly.

Also, crossed eyes are not uncommon. Though they can be a bit silly to look at, they pose no health issues. Finally, you may have to clean up after your cat more than you would like - Siamese tend to have sensitive stomachs and can vomit a bit more than the average cat.

Not Great with Younger Kids

Most Siamese cats are very social, but are also very high strung. They do not adapt well to loud noises, sudden changes, and rough handling of young children. However, there are exceptions to this rule based on the cats' personality.

Are Extremely Social

If there is any breed that feels attention at all times is a requirement it is this one. They want attention at all times, and if they do not get it they will demand it by sitting nose to nose with you, or by sitting on what you want to get to. If they do not get the required attention they will destroy objects in the home. Sin has chewed more shoes than the average dog.

Occasionally, if their socialization needs are not met they will acquire self-destructive habits - with fur pulling being the most common.

Sin is the perfect example of this, if left alone for too long he will pull his own fur. Also, as social as they are, they will usually only bond with one person.