Jungle Talk HideATreat Toy Feeder for Parrots

A tantalizing gadget to tease your bird's brains to figure out how to get the treats out!

I have been using the Jungle Talk Hide A Treat for several years now. My Blue and Gold Macaw knows she is going to get something "good" when she sees me put the Hide a Treat in her cage.

This is an excellent toy/feeding item that you can use to give your parrot a nutritional treat and exercise their "birdbrains" to figure out the logistics of getting the toy open to get to the treat! I frequently serve fresh vegetable treats such as broccolli, califlower and carrot sticks in this product. It is also excellent for peanuts in the shell, walnuts, almonds, fruit slices, etc.


I found this toy to be colorful and attractive. The Jungle Talk Hide A Treat toy comes on a chain about 8 inches long and ready to hang from your cage top. The lower portion of the toy is bright orange in color. The lower section is divided into three compartments inside where treats are stored.

The top section which your parrot has to slide up the chain to get the treats out is a bright orange-red color. It is available in several different color combinations so shop around until you find one you like, and especially one your parrots like! If you have a parrot that has a definite color preferences you might want to avoid specific colors.

I know "red" is one of the offensive colors for some parrots and is a danger symbol to them in the wild, hence causing aggression. I have had no problems here with this toy or the color preference.

The Bird's View

At first I thought this product would take awhile for the birds to catch on to the logistics of having to lift the top portion of the treat holder to find the treats AND too difficult to hold it up AND get the treat out all at one time. Well, it was no big problem for my Blue and Gold Macaw. She easily caught on to the secret and happily munches on her treats.

After all the treats are gone, my Blue and Gold macaw will go back to take another peek to see if more treats have magically appeared. Finding none she will slam the top down as in disgust and go back to her perch.

Quality of Construction

This toy is very well made and durable. It is made from a hard pvc/plastic. I have found that this toy has lasted over five years with use by my Blue and Gold Macaw. Macaws are known to be heavy chewers and believe me she can go through some toys and even perches in 30 minutes to an hour with that big beak!

But this toy has not been chewed or damaged if it is left in the cage for an hour or two after treats are served. Maybe she just "respects" it since she knows she gets good things inside?

Since it is made of PVC it is also easy to clean. I just soak and rinse mine in antibacterial soap and dry for next use. It does not come off of the chain for cleaning, this is the only drawback to this product. It can also be put in the dishwasher if you get it out right away to dry.

If your bird likes a bit of a challenge and bright colors, I would definitely recommend this treat holder for any medium to large size bird. It is well worth the bucks since is is durable and functional.