Tips on Buying Your New Horse

There are many things to consider when you buy a new horse. Everything from what the horse will be doing to what the rider will be like is important. In this article you will find exactly what you should know while looking for your new horse.

Choosing a horse to buy is a very serious thing which considers in-depth research and thought, as there are numerous issues to consider.

What will this horse be used for?

There are many different disciplines for which a horse may be trained. It is important to find a horse that fits what you want to be training for.

There are many horses for sale, and knowing what you want before you begin looking can narrow down that search. You should also consider the age and size of the individual riding the horse. A very small horse will not be suitable for a larger person, and a very large, but gentle horse may not be suitable for a small child. You will find some information below on what you should be sure to consider before looking at any horses.

First, know what you want, you should know the temperament and size that you prefer. This doesn't mean that you should buy the first horse that fits. Don't buy the first pretty horse you see, because there may be another more fitting that you would miss. You would shop an compare when looking for a vehicle, and this is even more important when considering a living animal.

You may decide that you want the first horse after you look at other, but then you will have some bargaining power based on other similar animals' prices.

Second, purchase it from a reputable seller, you should be able to find people who have bought horses from them and been satisfied. Be aware that this may add to the cost of the horse, but it helps to ensure that you won't get the short end of the deal. It also cuts down on the possibility of some kind of scam.

A person who is selling a horse should be willing to handle the horse themselves, and you should be allowed to ride and work with the horse before you buy it. When buying a horse it is even more important to have a test drive than it would be to do so while buying a car.

Third, when you have decide on the horse that you want, have a veterinarian check them over. Use a veterinarian that you trust, or one that is recommended by people you trust. You want to be sure that the seller is not drugging the horse to hide a bad attitude or lameness.

You should be able to get a medical history from the horse's regular veterinarian, this is important as it is good to know if the horse has a history of any chronic illness. It would be bad to pay for a horse who will hurt you or come up lame within just a few days.

Fourth, as mentioned before handle the horse yourself, you should be able to safely handle the horse on the ground as well as under saddle. A horse may look sweet while being handled by it's seller, but it may not do as well for you. If it is at all possible, bring someone with you.

When you are looking for your own horse your judgment may be clouded by a pretty horse, bringing a good horse person along with you can help to catch anything that you may miss.

Lastly, as you would with any large purchase, be sure you are getting what you pay for.

Don't just get a horse because it looks pretty, be sure it fits you.