FlatBac Small Pet Water Bottle

The Flat-Bac water bottle is supposed to be a premium quality water bottle, but in reality, it doesn't deliever.

Small pet owners know how much of a hassle it is to keep their pets water clean, especially if it is just kept in a cup in their cage. That's why water bottles have become so popular amongst small pet owners. Water bottles help free up space in the cage and help keep their water cleaner longer, preventing frequent water changes.

Super Pet USA makes several kinds of water bottles and one type is the Flat-Bac Water bottle. The Flat-Bac water bottle is made to look just what its name says, a flat back, which makes placing this water bottle into a plastic or glass cage a big convenience. It's supposed to help free up space, and comes with a little yellow duck which they call a refill reminder to help you remember and decide when it's time to refill the bottle.

The Flat-Bac water bottle can either be hung in wire cages through a screw and plastic piece which is attached to the bottles holder and then screwed to the holder from the outside of the cage, or through suction cups that can be attached to the holder, making it easy to hang from glass or wire cages.

The downside for this bottle begins with the suction cups. If you wish to attach the bottle to a plastic or glass cage, the suction cups must be purchased separately. However a plus is, the bottle can be purchased in different sizes if you have smaller or larger pets.

The bottle always leaked. I purchased this bottle, hoping to wean my fancy mice off of using cups to drink from, to water bottles so they could have fresher water for longer periods of time. I had to start placing a cup beneath it to catch the falling water, and instead of drinking from the bottle, they drank from the cup underneath.

I took the cup away, and gave them chances to try the bottle, but it seems no matter how hard they tried, when I knew they were trying to drink, the bottle never gave them water when they wanted it, but leaked when they wanted nothing to do with it. The seal on this bottle is just horrible. The amount of pressure needed to actually get water from this bottle seems to be too much for small pets.

The duck refill reminder had a habit of falling from the bottle during refill. The duck is too small for the hole, so whenever the bottle is opened or turned over, the duck could fly from the bottle whenever without warning. Eventually you won't have a duck because it will end up lodged in a drain somewhere.

One plus with this bottle however, is the holder. Instead of having to remove everything from the cage to refill, you can just push the bottle from the holder to refill. However, on some occasions, the holder seemed to be too much for the suction cups and would fall into the cage at random intervals which can pose a crush threat to the pets in the cage.

If you are in line for a water bottle for your small pets' home, I would look elsewhere, or even check out some of Super Pet USA's other bottles to find something better.