How to Choose the Perfect White House Puppy

Listed are tips to help the Obamas and any parent, choose the perfect puppy for their small children.

According to President-elect Barack Obama, the first children will have a new puppy when they take up residence in the White House on January 20th, 2019. President-elect Obama was asked if he knew what type of dog he wanted to get Sasha and Malia and he stated a mutt. Of course a mutt is a common term for a dog of mixed breed. But would a mixed breed dog be the best pick for the girls? According to the experts, what type of dog would be the most appropriate pet for the Obama children to own? Here are a few suggestions and tips for the Obamas if they should happen to read my guide to a White House puppy.

My first advise would be to get their dog from the animal pound or nearby no-kill animal shelter. According to the United States Humane Society, 3 to 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year. It might be tempting to visit a pet store or dog breeder to get just the exact dog you desire, but it is a shame when millions of animals are homeless every year and sit in shelters waiting for the perfect owner. So my first advise to the Obama's would be to consider bringing a homeless puppy to the White House from the nearest animal shelter.

Wherever the puppy is chosen from, families of small children want to make sure they have picked the right pet for their children. This all depends on how much time you expect your children to spend with the pet, if you want an easy care pet or one that needs more attention and grooming, and what sort of temperament you are looking for in your family pet. Above all else, there are several traits that you want to look at closely when choosing the right puppy. These traits are excitability, easily house trained, playfulness, gentleness, love of children, and inability to bite or snap.

The puppies that have the least excitability factor are the golden retriever, labrador retriever, newfoundland, bloodhound, basset hound and collie. I'm sure the girls don't want to spend excess time cleaning up puppy messes, so the easiest dogs to house train are the basset hound, dachshund, fox terrier, dalmatian, pekingese, and beagle. When looking at the playfulness factor, we want a puppy that will be fun, but won't tear the white house up. The best choices for a playful pup are the standard poodle, airedale terrier, cairn terrier, miniature schnauzer, English springer spaniel and Irish setter. And of course I want to suggest a puppy that will have very little chance of snapping at the girls. The best choice here are the golden retriever, labrador retriever, newfoundland, bloodhound, basset hound and collie. Above all else we want a dog who loves children. These choices would be the basset hounds, golden retrievers, newfoundlands, pugs and collies. These dogs are also very patient.

However we must remember that the Obamas want a mixed-breed dog. Actually, experts state that this is a great choice for a child, however you must check what breeds the puppy is. A mix of chow and German shepard wouldn't provide a good choice. however a mix of basset hound and collie would provide a sweet, trustworthy, loyal pet to the children.

In conclusion, only parents really know their own children and what type of dog would be best. But if we look at general traits that we want puppies to have when being raised around children, the basset hound or collie shows up time and time again on the list. A mixed breed of these two types of dog would be an ideal choice for Barack Obama to choose for his daughters. Whatever breed of puppy the President Elect and the new First Lady choose for the First children, it will be an inviting change to see young children playing in the White House again, especially if a new puppy is included.