Is the Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue a Worthy Organization

The Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue claims to help unwanted pets find homes. Do they really help small organizations succeed or do they just make money off a good cause?

Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue promises to help small organizations in their fight to protect and find good homes for neglected pets. These organizations apply to become "Ambassadors" and Purina Pro Plan claims to give them plenty of help in their endeavor. The Ambassadors put together rallies, where people can go and find new pets and help in any way they can. The question is if Rally to Rescue is really a worthy organization.

What does Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue provide their Ambassadors?

According to the RTR website, they help to "give rescued pets the nutrition and care they need and the loving homes they deserve", and they provide Ambassadors with "financial support" in the form of t-shirts that must be sold in order to earn a profit. They will give the Ambassadors 25 free t-shirts, but any extra must be bought from Purina at $15 each. The Ambassadors will have to sell the t-shirt at a higher price to make a profit, or lose money in the end.

Every t-shirt has the Purina brand name, and all those extra t-shirts helps Purina earn more money. Purchasing a t-shirt from a rally event does not count toward a tax write-off.

A look at the Doing More for Pets Rescue Stories Contest

This contest, put on by Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue, had organizations submit stories about rescued pets that have given back to the people who saved them. The winning story, about JoJo the pit bull, is very inspiring. JoJo was terribly mistreated and now helps patients in a rehabilitation center. JoJo is proof that pit bulls are not ferocious animals.

Why Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue is just like many other "helpful" programs

Whenever you purchase a t-shirt, stuffed animal or other item from a store that claims you will be aiding a not-for-profit organization, you are also helping the store or company. Only so much of the money you spend goes to the organization, and the rest to the store. The smaller amount generally goes to the organization. These companies only sell these products, or create programs like Rally to Rescue, in order to make more money off of a good cause. Always read the fine print before purchasing items to help others.

What you can do to help the Ambassadors of Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue

The Ambassadors, the small organizations who are trying to help animals, deserve your help and donations. The RTR website has a list of all their Ambassadors that can be sorted by state. Find one near you and attend one of their rallies, or contact them directly. If you can't adopt a pet, or volunteer your time, make a monetary donation directly to the organization. They get all the money and you get a tax write-off.