Kaytee Total Comfort Bedding DustFree and EcoFriendly Pet Bedding

A safe and eco-friendly bedding product for small animals.

If you have small animals then you know that picking out a bedding product is key to their health and happiness. Not only will they be sleeping in it but they will be doing their business in it too. It's a well known fact that cedar and pine products are no good for them. Aside from them breathing in the fumes from them they could end up with a piece embedded in their leg or belly. I'll admit it, when I first starting keeping guinea pigs and rats I used pine shavings; when my vet told me that I needed to switch to something else I started using EverFresh. Now Kaytee Total Comfort Bedding is my first choice for my guinea pigs, ferrets, mice, rats, hamsters and rabbits.

Thankfully none of the critters have had any problems with switching from EverFresh to Total Comfort. The texture and size is about the same but it is a little less expensive. This does an incredible job of absorbing liquids and keeps smells to an absolute minimum. I tried cat litter at one point in time and while it was nice to be able to sift it out with a scooper, none of the animals liked the feel of it on their paws and they would end up tracking it out of the litter box.

It is extremely simple to use. Open the bag and remove a few handfuls of Total Comfort Bedding. It will be compresed so you will have to fluff it a little. Make sure the bottom of their bedding area is covered; you will need to move it around from time to time as they will nest in it. We have plastic pet igloos and they like to push a pile of it inside for a soft bed and heat retention. In the summer months they will push it out of the igloo, in the winter they will push it in. I do a total change once a week but check it daily in case they spilled water on it or dragged fruit or vegetables into it.

About the only downside to Total Comfort is that if you have food hoarders it can attract ants. That's one of the main reasons you have to check it on a daily basis. If you don't you could wake up to some very stressed out animals and a line of ants to their bedding and food. Once that happens you have to scrub everything to get rid of the ant trail or they will just keep coming back again and again.

You can get Kaytee Total Comfort Bedding in the 500 cubic inch (20 liters) or 1,000 cubic inch (40 liters) bag. Some stores won't carry both sizes but you are better off getting the larger one because you get a little bit of a price break on it. If you can't find it at your local pet sotre you can call Kaytee customer service and they will be able to tell you who, in your area, sells it.

Two of the biggest selling points of Total Comfort Bedding is that it can be used as compost for gardens and that it is a flushable product. If you have a low flow toilet you will want to do the dumping in small lots to avoid it backing up or not flushing properly. You can also contact local farmers and see if they want it; most are willing to pick up things like this once a month. You can also call animal shelters to see if they do recycling of these items.

While it might cost more than other bedding products, Total Comfort Bedding is something that can extend your pets life, make them more comfortable when sleeping and help them relax when they are laying around. It controls odors, is easy to get out of a litter box and so far none of them have made the bad judgment call to try and eat it. It is made from recycled material so it is a true eco-friendly product. I don't mind paying more for it because it outlasts almost all other comparable bedding products and (so far) none of the animals have shown any type of allergic reaction to it.