Review of the Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box

The Booda Dome Clean Step is an ideal litter box for small apartments, tight spaces and picky, litter-tracking cats.

The Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box, a descendant of the original Booda Dome, is a revolutionary take on early generation litter boxes. In the past, standard enclosed litter boxes have offered privacy to shy cats, but they only claim to control odor. These boxes cause smelly air to stand in and around the enclosed box and allow little to no circulation, leaving the box and its host room stinky. And open litter boxes--along with being just plain unsightly--smell even worse, and do nothing to help control litter tracked around the room by kitty paws that have recently scratched around to cover their business.

My two cats, Turk and Lucy, have helped review the Booda Dome Clean Step and give their ratings.

Design: 3 Paws Up

The Booda Dome is functional as a private litter box. It offers a smooth, almost futuristic, round shape that looks more like an Alaskan igloo than a kitty restroom. This design, although larger at the base, allows the cat a roomy area to do its business, while fitting into corners and other spaces in small rooms or apartments (the entire box measures 22 inches in height and 21 inches in diameter). This is beneficial both for the kitty (giving him room to use lots of litter) and the owner (it doesn't awkwardly stick out into the room and draw attention to Kitty's business).

Odor control: 3 1/2 Paws Up (out of four, naturally)

The Booda Dome comes with a disc-shaped carbon filter that attaches to the inside top of the box (next to a built-in circulation vent), claiming to eliminate 99% of odors. Something is working, because the Booda Dome rarely produces a smell, even with a two-cat household. One drawback of the carbon filter is that it easily becomes detatched from its flimsy holder if Kitty decides to bat at it while going potty. (My fix: I finally just hot-glued the filter holder to the top of the box, and it hasn't fallen into the litter since.)

Mess control: 2 1/2 Paws Up

The box also features a way to help clean paws after a trip inside. The Clean Step has a set of textured steps at the entrance (which, surprisingly, don't detract much from the roominess inside) that are designed to catch remaining litter from Kitty's paws as he exits. (I admit the steps aren't 100% effective, but I'm definitely stepping on MUCH less litter around the apartment these days--and my two just love to track it all over. To help with this, I have placed my Clean Step over a rug, which catches even more litter once they've made it back down the steps.)

Transition ease: 3 1/2 Paws Up (but varies by cat)

If its odd appearance isn't enough to draw in a curious kitty, it's still easy to transition a cat from a traditional litter box to the Booda Dome Clean Step. Owners often find it easy to simply place the "old" litter box next to the new, litter-filled box. The cat should soon recognize the new box as similar to the old one and begin using the new one instead. (Turk and Lucy both made several trips in and out of their Clean Step before finally deciding to do their business, finally leaving their open box behind, and they haven't turned back since.)

Overall performance: 3 Paws Up

The Booda Dome Clean Step is a nice shift from traditional litter boxes because it is a stylish way for cats to have privacy and to avoid litter box odors in small spaces. The box even works in multiple-cat households, proving that the carbon filter and design of the box are effective ways to keep litter less noticeable to owners and guests. The litter-collecting steps decrease the litter tracked throughout the home, but they do not completely eliminate the problem. It's still a great improvement from throwing an old towel underneath an open box and walk around feeling like the carpet is covered in gravel.

The Clean Step earns three paws from Turk and Lucy because it's functional and delivers on its promises as much as humanly (or catly?) possible.