How to Give Your Pet a Bath and Avoid Hysteria

Best ways to relax your pet before and during his bath.

Living with a pet is wonderful, that is a true thing. Another true thing is that pets smell. Moreover, if they are dirty, the smell can be unbearable. For your pet's health, and for your family's safety, you must give regular baths to your pet. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of bath solutions and accessories to make the process easier for the animals and for us. Because another pet's true thing is that pets normally hate baths, and if we do not know how to do it, we can end swimming in the bathroom and with a hysterical puppy or kitty.

Although their smaller size, cats are harder to bath than dogs. Normally, cats hate water, and the noise of the bathtub filling up can make them become an insane monster.

First rule for a tolerable pet's bath is to talk and relax your pet as only you can do. Hold him, whisper in his hears with sweet voice, and keep your hands constantly over him, making him feel safer. In addition, do not stop talking during the bathing and drying process, they must to understand that we are not punishing them.

Prepare everything and be ready for every possible event. You won't be able to stop and leave the bathroom to find something, so have all you will need in place and ready to be used, with the shampoo opened, the towels close to you (if they are warm, better), and the tub filler with water in the right warm temperature.

There are many types of pet's shampoos, depending of their specific needs. There are shampoos for oily hair, insecticide shampoos, anti-itching and non-allergic shampoos, conditioning shampoos, and much more. Even there are specific shampoos for animals with different hair color that revives their fur tones. Choose the one your pet needs, and do not use human shampoo, because the chemicals will damage him.

Place on the tub's bottom a non-slippery rubber bath mat; pets hate the instability of the tub's material. There are at the sores shower nozzles to help to rinse the pets, and some even regulate temperature and water pressure. If you will give your pet a bath outside in the garden, you can use water holes, or special holes for pets that they have at the pet stores also. You can buy too heavy-duty plastic portable tubs, they are not so expensive, and they help when we are traveling. You also can install tub restrains in your bathroom, so you will have your both hands free to use them.

For cats and for dogs are the same advice, start watering and shampooing from the neck and finish at the bum. Do not wet their faces, it is better if you use a wet washcloth for that, and it is very important do not let the water to go inside their ears, because that will be a sure ear infection. Use cotton pieces to block their ears.

The bath must be fast, shampoo, rinse and dry, but you can give your pet a massage with special gloves if you see he is relaxed enough. Try to avoid noises that scare them, especially with cats, and think that bathrooms produce echoes.

Dry your pet thoroughly is very important, they can catch colds easily, and remember to check the ears and dry them well. There are at the pet stores special pet's towels, they dry them very fast and gently. In addition, you can go fashionable if you buy your pet a rob with his name on it. Blow driers are good if is cold, but remember that pets normally get scared with their noise, so do it fast.

Another way to clean your pet is using dry shampoos and pet wipes, it is a good way to bath him, but won't be enough if your animal is very dirty, is an ideal solution for keep his clean between baths, and it is the favorite cleaning routine for cats. Remember that if you have an indoor cat you do not need to bathe him if is not necessary, especially if he has short hair.

Brush your pet before and after the bath is important to treat the knots and to help them to relax. There are ionic brushes that substitute water baths, and deodorant brushes that help with odors.

After the bath let your cat to lick himself, and keep him or your dog warm and if you give them a treat next bath fight will be much easier.