Spa Encounter for Your Dog

Do all dogs have to go to the spa? Of course not, but most would enjoy the attention. The problem with this is that their owner may not be capable of sending them to a spa but, most owners can give their dog a spa encounter at home.

Today pets, especially dogs, are getting more and more pampered. No longer are they predominantly the animal in the backyard. No, not today. Dogs have become members of the family and in doing so, they have also become more spoiled and pampered. Some of them are to the point of enjoying their day or part of their day at a spa, just like their owner would do. Do all dogs have to go to the spa? Of course not, but most there are some of them that would definitely enjoy the attention that they would get if they could go to a spa. The problem with this is that their owner may not be capable of sending them to a spa no matter how much they may enjoy it, but, most owners can give their dog a spa encounter at home.

A spa encounter at home is something that can be done with a little preparation and patience, oh, and a little time. A spa encounter should not be rushed, that would pretty much defeat the purpose of the whole treatment. A spa encounter should be something that helps the dog feel better and is often accomplished with a massage, a bath, a good brushing and/or combing and then maybe even a "peticure" if the owner knows how to perform this task. Some mood enhancers, or candles, may also be used to help with the entire relaxation project.

To begin a spa encounter at home for your dog you will need to gather a few items that are necessary for the task at hand. First you will have to decide how serious this spa encounter for your dog is to be. Will you create a relaxing atmosphere? This is just one of the questions that you will need to answer. Will you use a special occasion shampoo and conditioner or will you just use the everyday ones that you already have? Will you do anything special in relationship to this spa encounter? That may be the best question. However you answer these questions will determine the supplies necessary for the spa encounter. You will need shampoo, conditioner, a brush, a comb, towels, finishing sprays and candles. Candles will be used to set the mood, meaning relaxing aromatherapy, usually using candles with lavender in them as lavender is a relaxing scent. Lavender is also known to calm an animal, to relax muscles, to lower tension, to promote a restful feeling and it will also help deodorize an area and is an insect repellent.

After collecting the necessary items for the spa encounter it is time to begin. If you are using a candle to set the mood, light it and also turn a heater on if the area where you are giving the spa encounter is cool. If you are going to treat your dog to a massage, start the spa encounter with the massage. If you do not know how to give your dog a massage, a quick search on the internet will yield more ways to achieve this than you could possibly have time to do. After the massage it is time to move on to the bath. Giving your dog a bath is easier if you have already prepared the bathing area.

The room should be warm and the bath water should also be warm. This is definitely the time to treat you dog like a baby, the temperature of the water should be about the same for both. Also, placing a rubber bathmat in the tub will also help the dog feel more stable in the tub. Another idea is to carefully place cotton balls in the dogs ears to keep the water and suds out. Now soak the dog with water, shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse then gently squeeze excess water out of the dogs hair and wrap the wet pooch in a towel. Gently towel dry then blow dry it with low heat. Finally, brush the clean dog's hair and its teeth, and, if you know how, give it a "peticure".

Remember, not every bath time has to be a home spa event. But, on those special times when you have the extra time to spend on and with you dog, this is just the thing that will bond both of you even more.