Pet Top Portable Drinking Device for Dogs

This handy little device screws onto the top of a water bottle, and allows you to give your pet a drink of water just about anywhere.

I have a device in my car that I use to give our little dog a drink of water when we are out on a hot day. It is basically a water bottle that rests in a slightly larger, rectangular shaped plastic container. While this product works, it is messy and I have always wondered if there was something better on the market.

Well, there is! I am amazed by the wonderful, inventive and helpful products that are sold at my local Bed Bath amp; Beyond store, and they now sell the Pet Top® Combo-Pack Portable Drinking Device.

If you need a small, easy to carry device that allows you to give your pet a drink of water from nearly any water bottle, then this is the product you might want to consider looking at.

The Pet Top® Combo-Pack Portable Drinking Device is made of BPA free plastic, and is orange in color. It comes with an adapter that fits onto most standard water bottles, and the portable drinking device that screws onto this adapter is adjustable, so you can allow a little or a lot of water to come out of the bottle.

The upper portion contains an internal ball, which your dog licks to release the water, with a ratcheting devide built into the unit. Using the Pet Top® Combo-Pack Portable Drinking Device is very easy, and you don't even have to squeeze the bottle, simply hold it upside down and let your dog lick the ball at the end of the bottle. As they lick, water is released, and you see water bubbles inside of the bottle (reminds me of what it looked like when I fed my daughter from a baby bottle).

We always have a supply of water bottles in the trunk of our car, and this Pet Top® Combo-Pack Portable Drinking Device is so small it fits perfectly in a cars glove box, or other small storage areas in the console of our car. Likewise, it also fits into my purse, backpack, even the pocket of my jeans! This is an extremely portable tool.

Using the Pet Top® Combo-Pack Portable Drinking Device takes some getting used to, with some experimenting turning the cap until it releases just the right amount of water for your dog. Opening it too much will allow too much water to come out, and can make a mess on your cars interior, and not opening it enough will make for a frustrated dog as they will lick and lick and not get enough water. But once you have this figured out, it is a great product to take with you to the park, or in your car. On a hot day pets really need the hydration of water just like we do.

If you are concerned about germs, the Pet Top® Combo-Pack Portable Drinking Device can be washed in your dishwasher, but be sure to place it on the top rack, and I like to put it into the container designed for holding small items, so they don't fly out during the wash cycle. If you don't have one of these types of containers, you might add it to your silverware baskets.