How to Care for a Potbellied Pig

Looking for a different kind of friend? Why not adopt a potbellied pig?

Many people have cats, dogs, birds, fish and even turtles as pets, but very few people have potbellied pigs as pets due to the lack of knowledge they have about these amazing animals. The truth is there are a lot of potbellied pigs who need to be adopted because they are left on road sides by owners who don't want them any more due to their lack of knowledge about the animal.

Those potbellied pigs need to be adopted by animal lovers and given good homes, but there aren't a lot of people out there who would consider doing that. However, if you are one of those people thinking about considering adopting a potbellied pig as a pet, there is a bit of important information you need to know before bring your potbellied pig home.

Now for those of you who don't know what a potbellied pig is, a potbellied pig is a friendly animal who can weigh up to 150 pounds and usually have little fuzzy hair on the top of their head. Their skin color is usually mixtures of brown, black and white. They basically look like a smaller version of a pink farm pig, but there much friendlier.

The first bit of information you're going to need is how potbellied pigs act and behave. Pot belly pigs are extremely intelligent and are very trainable due to there loving nature and there wanting to learn and be around people. However, potbellied pigs can be very aggressive when not treated right and will need to be watched if you have company over for a night. Pot belly pigs are also usually very gentle creates and make great pets for children and large families. Believe it or not potbellied pigs are extremely active animals and enjoy going for walks and playing games like fetch.

The second bit of information you need to know about these amazing creatures are what kind of environment they like to be in. Pot belly pigs enjoy living indoors with people and other animals, but can be placed in clean fenced in pen outside with hay. If you like the idea of having your potbellied pig indoors you can train them just as you would a puppy to go outside to go to the bathroom and to stay in a doggie bed at night time.

They are very smart animals and they love to be in an active environment getting a lot of attention and sometimes even quite environments depending on the potbellied pig.

The third pieces of information you will need to know is what potbellied pigs eats and what their diet is like. Now most potbellied pigs I know eat potbellied pig pellets also know as grain and a wide variety of apples, melons, veggies, and baked potatoes.

However, when serving your potbellied pig veggies and fruits, you will want to remove the skin of the fruits and veggies before giving it to your potbellied pig to eat because the waxy part of the veggie and fruit skin can cause cancer. Then there are some potbellied pigs that even enjoy hay once in awhile. Pot belly pigs also need a lot of water so leave a couple of dog bowls filled with lots of water in certain places of your home for the potbellied pig to drink when he or she gets thirsty.

The fourth bit of information is simple, you as the owner and care taker of the potbellied pig will need to love and care for the potbellied pig just as you would a child. Pot belly pigs need your love and attention all the time to let them know you love and care for them.

Whatever you do, don't stop taking care of your potbellied pig just because you can't handle him or her. If you come to a situation where you can not handle the animal bring him or her to an animal shelter and don't leave them on the side of the road where they could be killed. Animal shelters are more than happy to take your unwanted pet in and place them in a good loving home where they are wanted.

You now have a good amount of information about having a potbellied pig as a pet. You know how a potbellied pig acts, how they like to be treated, what they enjoy eating, and that they are trainable. You also know the kind of environment they enjoy being around and the kind of people they enjoy being with.

I would now recommend going out and bring one of these loving animals home as pets, but only if your ready for a new friend and you're ready to take really good care of something other than yourself. For more information and facts on potbellied pigs check out the links I have attached to my article.