How to Apply SelfTanning Lotion Flawlessly

A step by step "how-to" guide detailing the art of applying self-tanner. If these directions are followed, the results will be a natural looking glow and soft, moisturized skin.

It's the middle of February and that summer tan is long gone. Spring break is just around the corner and white is not the most flattering skin tone in a bikini. The simple solution is to hop into that tanning bed, but is it really worth it in the long run? Wrinkles, leathery skin, sun spots, and worst of all, skin cancer could be waiting for you in a few years should you choose this option; not to mention the instant dry skin and possible peeling should you fall victim to a sunburn. The smarter choice is self-tanning lotion. Following these simple directions, you could be sporting a healthy, natural looking tan in just a few days!

1. Get a small, airtight container to store your personalized self-tanning mixture. Find a self-tanning lotion for your skin tone (I use Jergens Natural Glow medium to tan) and your favorite scented lotion (I like Victoria's Secret Love Spell). Mix the two lotions in a 50/50 proportion (use less self-tanner if you are very pale and more if you are fairly tan). Be sure to keep the lid on the container to protect the self-tanner from air exposure. The reasons for mixing the two lotions are to prevent the unpleasant self-tanning odor and to avoid streaks.

2. While in the shower, be sure to scrub the knees and elbows to ensure the tanning lotion does not over-absorb into these areas.

3. As soon as possible when getting out of the shower, apply the lotion mixture starting with the face and working your way down to your feet. For my face, I prefer to mix my face lotion with self-tanner made for the face instead of using the previous scented mixture. Be sure to blend the lotion into the hairline. You may need help applying the lotion to your back, however it is possible to do it by yourself. Do not apply the lotion in between your toes as it will darken there and look unnatural.

4. After a few minutes, rinse your hands with water and use a washcloth or towel to make sure all tanner is removed from your fingers and palms as it will darken your fingernails, in between your fingers, and the sides of your wrists if not wiped off. It will not look unnatural since hands are typically a little lighter from constantly washing them anyways. Also, I do not typically wash it off the top of my hands since this area will not absorb the tanner disproportionately.o there is hardly a difference!

5. Repeat every day or every other day depending on how it starts to develop. Once you get the results you want, you will need to continue using the mixture every once in a while to maintain your tan. As the color develops, the lotion mixture can be tweaked by adding different amounts of self-tanner and scented lotion.

6. Enjoy your natural looking tan and moisturized skin. Feel free to try different scented lotions until you find the smell you like best. And, most of all, feel confident knowing your tan was achieved in a safe, economical way!