Cat Breeds How to Choose the Most Socialable Cat

This article takes a look at several different breeds of cats that are known to be sociable pets. These cats crave attention.

There are many different things that people consider in choosing a cat for a pet. One of the things that most people enjoy is having a sociable cat that enjoys spending time around you. Each cat has their own distinct personality and any cat from any breed can be very people friendly. There are, however some breeds that have been shown to be more sociable overall than others. One thing to remember is that there is no guarantee in selecting a particular breed that you will end up with a sociable pet though. The following list are several breeds that have been shown to be most affectionate to people.

The Siamese cat breed is one of the most talkative cats out there. They have a distinct meow that almost sounds like a baby crying. They tend to bond closely with one or two people in the household and will constantly talk to get attention. The siamese is usually not scared of strangers and will approach someone it just met. These cats love to be petted and combed. They are very playful too.

The Ragdoll and Ragamuffin breed is another one that is very talkative. These cats love attention and will constantly meow to get it. They have long hair and a good size mane so they love to be brushed and combed. These cats tend to bond with everyone in the household but will usually single out one person that it will become closest to. These cats love to play and they should not be left alone for long periods of time. The best solution is getting another cat to keep it company when no one is home. One interesting feature about this breed is that they love to be petted/rubbed on their bellies. These cats will often lay on their backs and have their bellies exposed to pet.

The Persian breed is another one that is very sociable. One of the most common types of cats in this breed are the Himalayas. These cats love to be held and petted. They typically bond to one person but will crave attention to whomever they can get it from. These animals are great with other cats and like the Ragdolls, they should have a playmate when no one is home.

Some other types of breeds that are sociable are the maine coons, the manx, the calicos and the birmans. All of these breeds are great around children and they tend to seek a lot of attention. Any one of these breeds would make a good pet.

Please remember to not take this list of sociable cats for absolute truth, it all depends on each individual cat whether they are truly people oriented. There is not any one breed that can guarantee a sociable cat every time. The breeds in this article are a good stepping stone in finding the cat you want though. I recently purchased a ragdoll and it is the most friendly cat I have ever had and the most talkative. There are times that it meows too much especially when I am sleeping but I would not trade him for the world.