The Benefits of Adopting Odd and Exotic Pets

Today you can buy exotic pets at your local pet store and find out how to take care of them and enjoy these new and different types of pets. Learning is as easy as going online or looking in your local library.

Have you ever heard of an African Giant Black Millipede, or a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Truth is, if you saw one of these things running around, you would probably try to step on it or grab a can of Raid. But today you can buy these and other exotic pets at your local pet store and find out how to take care of them and enjoy these new and different types of pets.

My family has always taken care of odd pets and the odder the better. We have had such a variety of animals at any one time that it is no surprise they have been showing them so often at their 4-H fairs. We have had the usual pets such as cats and dogs, hamsters and gerbils, but we have also had things like iguanas, fire bellied toads, Madagascar Hissing cockroaches and currently an African Giant Black Millipede.

We have a houseful of pets and we have no problem taking care of them all, it just takes a little work but we enjoy our family and the odd members in it. We have two dogs, a guinea pig, a tank full of American Toads, two fire bellied toads, the millipede and a jumping spider.

Some of these pets we have gotten by accident and others we have bought, we have gotten a reputation among our coworkers and others that know us to have these kinds of pets. My wife works at a day care and it is great for her to be able to bring in some of these odd pets for her kids to look at and learn about. This teaches them about nature and our wonderful world and gives the kids something to think about other than the usual pets that they could own.

My two sons have studied about each of the pets they have owned and have made sure of how to keep them, they have had to know what they are doing before they go and get the pet. That is one thing that we have come to insist from them when they want a new pet, they have to know about it. And not just from the store or person they are getting it from, they have to look it up and make sure they are getting accurate information about the animal before they make a mistake and kill off the thing.

That is one thing I would recommend first before anything else, get the right information from the right sources, but get it from different sources. I have found that one source for information about a pet can be inaccurate or wrong and you should make sure you get your information from a couple of different places to make sure it is right. I have found that Pet-Co has a reputation for giving information that is not quite accurate in their stores or on their website. We have bought things from them and they give us care sheets but the care sheets can be for a generic group of animals and they just change the name on the top.

For instance, we bought a turtle from them and the care sheet said it was for a woodland turtle or some such and the care sheets for all their turtles that were land based were exactly the same but with different names on the top. This could be okay but you need to make sure the specific animal you are buying gets the correct care.

So first, you need to go to the internet or library and find out information about the animal you are going to be getting, and get a couple of different sources to verify how to take care of them. This way you can find out the best way and not just one way, also go to forums for pets and find out from other owners what they say about the care and how hard it really is.

If you Google search a particular animal and the word "forum" you can find forums and chat rooms where the owners will be able to give you help and find information for a particular animal that you can find useful. I have found that it is more important to talk to real owners of animals that have owned and been taking care of a particular kind of animal more helpful than the pet store where you get them from.

Many times the store or person you are buying an animal or pet from just wants to get rid of it or make the sale. If you ask them about the care they often tell you what they think you want to hear and not what really needs to be told about the pet. At Pet-Co, the employees are hired from the local area and have no specific training in pet care, they are just people looking for a job. Sure you have to like pets to take a job at a pet store but you don't need to be trained in it to take the job, and you will learn about pets and their care after working there for some time.

But the point being that the employees don't need to be trained before working there, and that is not the place to ask about care and such for a pet, you should find out about the care and such before asking them, and then you will know how much they are telling you is accurate. I have found that they sometimes are not quite certain of things when it comes to their more exotic pets and sometimes they just go along with what they have been told because the store wants to sell their products from the store for the pets they sell. There is nothing wrong with this but sometimes the pets are better off with other types of food, bedding, or supplies than from the pet store you bought the animal from.

The pet store we got our millipede said we should get some soil stuff they sell, but my wife who had looked up about the animal knew that you used regular potting soil mixed with peat moss as a bedding, so we only bought the animal and nothing else. The rest of the things for it we either had or could get cheaper elsewhere.

I'm not saying you should not buy anything from the pet store you get your animal from, just that it may cost you more than getting it from somewhere else. If you can just go to Walmart or even your backyard and pickup the things you need, then do so and save yourself a few bucks for that cappuccino you like.

If you are really into pets you can find sales on things that are very cheap and will often work just as well for other types and kinds of pets than what the items are boxed up for. We have bought kits for turtles and lizards that were on sale at a business that was going out of business and the kits had things like feeding bowls and decorations for the different kinds of animals. But they could be used for all kinds of animals and we have been doing just that.

The millipede needs a tank and some bedding, and some place to hide, we had a rock we bought at the business that was closing and the bowls from the kits we bought there. We needed nothing else for the tank but the peat moss and soil and we bought that at Walmart, pretty cheap for a new pet. The care sheet also says to place a piece of bark for the millipede t hide under but the rock decoration works for that, and if we want to place a piece of bark in, we'll get it from the yard and not the store.

There are a few web sites that can get you started for your exotic pets or as one web site calls it alternative pets. The National Alternative Pet site is a great start for your exotic pets:

The point of all of this article is that you can buy exotic animals and take proper care of them with out any fuss or going to extravagant lengths to buy food or supplies for them. You can research on the internet for the chat rooms and forums to find the correct information about whatever pet you want to buy. Use a search engine like Google and find the right information, from the right sources.