The Products You and Your Cat Should Never Be Without

Necessities for cats and cat owners!

If you are contemplating adopting or bringing home a new kitten, there are an assortment of items you should consider purchasing before the long-awaited arrival of your cat into your home.

Cat Carrier - You will need a carrier for your kitten(s) to collect them with and throughout their lives, they will have to travel to the vets for boosters and possibly treatment. While it is possible to obtain carriers made of cardboard or wicker, these are not sturdy and are difficult to clean. Ideally, a top opening plastic or wire carrier is recommended. In the event of a visit to the vets the top opening carrier will make access to your cat much easier and less stressful.

Food and water bowls - You can use either ceramic or stainless steel bowls for food and water. It is worth having several sets so that you put out fresh dishes at each mealtime even if you have no time to stop and wash up.

Place Mats - These are not a necessity, however you might find them a bit of a godsend!

Food - You will most likey be provided with a diet sheet when you collect your kitten(s) from the pet store or shelter. Try to stick to the same diet for at least two to three weeks whilst your kitten settles into its new home. If you want to change its food then do so gradually, mixing a teaspoon of the new food in with what it's used to and gradually increase the amount, if there are no upset tummy's the following day!

Litter Tray - There are endless varieties of litter trays available and the choice can be confusing. Hooded trays can be good if you have a shy cat and will also stop the litter from going all over the floor and will help to omit smells! All our cats/kittens use hooded trays with a cat flap on the front, if you want to change, do so when your kitten has settled in and knows exactly where its toilet is.

Litter - Like Litter trays, there are various types of litter on the market. Worlds Best Cat Litter or Sainsbury's Ultra Clumping Litter is excellent but your choice of litter is entirely up to you and your cat. If you wish to change, wait until their litter habits are well established and introduce a little of the new litter into their existing, gradually changing over to all new.

Bed/Bedding - It is entirely up to you whether or not you buy one. Your kitten will find lots of places to sleep such as your bed, the sofa, the newly washed pile of laundry and if you do buy a bed, your kitten may never choose to use it! Most kittens/cats though will use a bed. Beds with heat reflective material are especially well received. Make sure it is machine washable!

Scratching Posts and Toys - These are designed to give your cat a place to stretch (so don't get a short one) and to keep his claws in good condition. Try to look for one with a dense carpet and/or coiled ropes as these provide real resistance and help to keep your cats claws in good shape. The larger ones come as activity centers and usually incorporate a bed and tunnels to play in. Toys with bells are also popular. Like babies, cats love packaging more than the gift inside so use old paper grocery bags, bottle caps, or plastic bottle caps as comfort items for hours of enjoyment.

Flea Control - Shampoos, sprays and special collars are available to keep fleas at bay. Ultrasonic plug-ins will emit waves and repel fleas in your cat's living area. If your cat is an indoor variety, this shouldn't be a threat. Collars - Get a breakaway or elasticized collar. These types will keep your kitty from strangling herself.

Grooming supplies - No matter the length of your cat's hair, a good grooming brush will always come in handy. Keep your pet neat and clean with daily grooming.

Catnip & Treats - Purchase catnip-marinated toys from your local pet store or start some from seed. Your pet will love you for it.