Toilet Train Your Cat

Are you tired of cleaning out litter boxes all the time? You don't have to! It is possible to actually train your cat to use the toilet using this very simple method. Once your cat is trained you won't have to smell litter boxes anymore!

Are you tired of cleaning out litter boxes all the time? You don't have to! It is possible to actually train your cat to use the toilet using this very simple method.

Once your cat is trained you won't have to smell litter boxes anymore!

The most important thing to remember when training your cat is that you must take it slow and you must do it step by step. You just make one small change at a time and wait for your cat to get used to it before moving on. If your cat uses the bathroom in the wrong place, this means that you are going too fast. Back up a few steps and try again, more slowly.

The first thing you must do is to keep the lid up on the toilet and the seat down. If you don't, then the cat won't be able to use the toilet. If you need to, you can write a note for yourself and for guests and leave it in the bathroom. Also make sure you leave the door to the bathroom open.

Start by moving the cat's litter box from its current location to one side of the toilet. Make sure the cat knows where it is and that the cat is using it. Leave the litter box there until your cat gets used to this. This time can vary anywhere from a day to week depending on the cat.

Next, put something under the litter box to raise it up a bit. You can use a phone book, a cardboard box, or anything that will raise it up about an inch. Don't use magazines because they are too slippery and the box will slide around. Again, leave the litter box here until your cat gets used to it. Continue raising the litter box an inch at a time and waiting each time you raise it until the bottom of the litter box is at the same level as the toilet seat.

At the start, the cat will just step into the box, but as you raise it up, the cat will have to jump into it. When it gets really high, your cat will probably start jumping onto the toilet first, and then into the box. Hopefully you've been keeping the lid up and the seat down. If you have, then the cat will be used to walking around on the toilet with the lid up.

Lift up the seat on the toilet and measure the diameter of the inside top of the bowl at the widest spot. Buy a mixing bowl with that diameter made of metal. Do not use plastic because it won't support your cat's weight.

Move the litter box over so that it's right over the toilet seat, not in the toilet. Don't use the mixing bowl yet. Again, wait until you are sure that your cat is used to this before moving to the next step. Now take away the litter box and put the mixing bowl inside the toilet bowl and put the seat down. Put about two inches of litter into the bowl.

At this point in the training, it can become really annoying every time you have to go to the bathroom because you will have to take out the bowl and then replace it when you are done. It is also a nuisance because you will have to watch your cat very closely when he uses the bathroom. Just try to remember that you will never have to deal with litter boxes again.

You will need to watch your cat using the bathroom now. Check how many feet he puts on the toilet seat and how many are in the bowl. Your goal is to get all the feet onto the toilet seat. Try to catch your cat using the toilet whenever you can and show him where his feet go. Lift the feet out of the bowl and put them on the seat.

At first just try to get the front two feet out and eventually work your way to all four. After your cat is putting the front feet on the seat, start putting one hind leg on the seat next to the front leg, but on the outside. Every time your cat does it right, praise him. Then start trying to get both hind legs on the seat. Once your cat does this correctly, the front feet should be in the middle and the hind legs should be next to them, but on the outside.

The next training step is the most unpleasant step. You need to wait until you are home a lot before starting this step. You might want to wait until you are home a whole weekend.

Start by reducing the amount of litter in the bowl. You'll want to be there so you can praise the cat and dump out the bowl when he goes because as the amount of litter decreases, the smell increases. Also, if you dump it out as soon as the cat goes, the cat won't try to cover it up because there won't be a smell. Each time your cat uses the bathroom, clean it out and reduce the litter amount.

When you get down to a very small amount of litter, it will be very smelly. The next time your cat goes and you clean out the bowl, put a small bit of water in the bowl. Each time your cat goes, put more water into the bowl in the same way that you put less and less litter into the bowl. Once you get to about two inches of water in the bowl and you are sure your cat is comfortable with it, take away the mixing bowl.

Your cat will now be toilet trained and your days of litter boxes will be over!