Breeds in the Herding Group of Dogs

The Herding Group of dogs are generally intelligent dogs that make excellent companions and family pets.

The Herding Group of dogs is the AKC's newest classification of groups.Herding dogs were split off from the Working Group in 1983. Herding is instinctive in herding dogs, who serve ranchers and farmers by moving livestock. Dogs in the Herding Group share the ability to control the movement of other animals. Herding dogs may instinctively herd their owners and children gently. Herding dogs are intelligent and make wonderful pets.

Australian Cattle Dog: This is a strongly built working dog,with the ability to to carry out their alloted task. The Cattle Dog is loyal and protective.

Australian Shepherd Bearded Collie: The Australian Shepherd is a medium sized dog with medium length, weather resistant hair. These dogs are intelligent,active, good natured and even tempered.

Bearded Collie: The Bearded Collie Is a medium sized dog with a medium length coat that follows the natural lines of the body. They are strong, agile, stable, self-confident working dogs. The Bearded Collie is devoted, intelligent member of the family.

Belgian Malinois: This breed is a well balanced, medium sized dog. They are confident, agile,alert, lively dogs. They can be reserved with strangers, but affection ale with their own family.

Belgian Sheepdog: This is a strong, well balanced elegant dog with proud carriage. Their long coat is black, but there may be some white markings. The Belgian Sheepdog is intelligent, brave,alert,and devoted. They make affectionate family dogs.

Belgian Terveren:The Belgian Tervuren is a well balanced, medium sized dog with an elegant appearance and proud carriage. They have a long coat of rich fawn to russet mahogany. The coat is characteristically double pigmented, with the tip of each fawn hair blackened.

Border Collie: Border Collies originated in the border country between Scotland and England.They are medium sized, well balanced dogs with athletic appearance. Their dense, weather resistant double coats come in a variety of colors.

Bouviers des Flandres: This breed is a powerfully built, compact, rough coated dog of rugged appearance. They are agile, spirited, bold, serene and well behaved.

Briard: The Briard is a vigorous, powerful dog that is strongly muscled. This breed is a spirited, intelligent, easily trained, faithful, gentle, and obedient. They have excellent memories and are loving and loyal to their people.

Canaan Dog: The Canaan Dog is a herding and flock guardian dog native to the Middle East. They are medium sized dogs with a double coat with longer hair on the ruff. Canaans are alert,vigilant,devoted, and docile with their family.

Rough Coated Collie, Smooth Collie: The Collie is a strong, lithe, strong, active dog with an abundant coat. The Collie presents an impressive, proud appearing dog of speed and grace.

German Shepherd Dog: The German Shepherd is a strong, well muscled animal that is alert and full of life. They are agile,self-confident dog that makes a great watchdog, guardian and herding dog.

Old English Sheepdog: The Old English Sheepdog is a strong, compact,square,balanced dog. They have thick coats and are muscular and able bodied. This breed is adaptable, intelligent and even tempered.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog: This breed is medium-sized, strong and muscular with a long,thick coat and hanging hair that covers the eyes. The are stable, self-confident and loyal.

Puli: The Puli is a medium -sized, well balanced dog. They have dense, weather resistant coats that are profuse overall. They are vigorous, alert dogs that are affectionate, intelligent and great home-loving companions.

Shetland Sheepdog: The Shetland Sheepdog, like the Collie, traces to the Border Collie of Scotland. This miniature dog bears a strong resemblance to the rough Collie. They are small, alert,rough coated,long haired working dogs. The Shetland Sheepdog is loyal, affectionate and responsive to their owner.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a low set dog with heavy bone structure and deep chest. They have a dense,medium length coat. This small dog is handsome, powerful, intelligent, and sturdy. They are even tempered, loyal affectionate and adaptable.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi: The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a low set dog with moderately heavy bone structure. Their coat is medium length, thick and may be various shades of red, sable,fawn, black and tan. They are a handsome, powerful small dog that is capable of speed and endurance. They are intelligent, even-tempered, loyal, affectionate

and adaptable.

The Herding Group of dogs are generally intelligent dogs that make excellent companions and family pets.