The Products You and Your Cat Should Never Be Without

Necessities for cats and cat owners!

Enter the Wonderful World of Cats

At various points in history, cats have been reveared, feared, worshiped, tortured, and pampered. What is this animal, that takes so many different shapes and sizes. It's grace amazes all, while it's cunning is the envy of the animal kingdom.

Maine Coons Cats with Dog Habits

One person's experience with the Maine Coon breed. A tribute to the traits that make this cat a furball full of personality and a wonderful companion.

How to Choose a Healthy Kitten

There's no doubt about it, cats and kittens turn a house into a home. If you're looking to add a kitten to your household, read this article first so you know how to find a healthy one!

Homemade Cat Food

Most cats love store-bought food because that's what they are used to eating. But, homemade food can supply them with more vitamins and minerals. Check out this aritcle today and find out how you can make your own cat food!

My Cat Plays FetchNow Only If I Can Teach Him to Use the Toilet

Cats are known for their enduring independent attitude. Most people falsely believe that cats are not able to be trained to the degree of dogs

Indoor Cats at Biggest Risk for Flearelated Problems

Kittens, elderly cats, and indoor-only cats are at high-risk of serious medical problems related to fleas. From allergy reactions to anemia, these condictions can be serious to the point of death.

Providing a Successful Foster Home for a Wayward Cat

Fostering a pet with the hopes of finding it a forever home can be incredibly rewarding experience. This article offers several tips for successfully fostering cats.

How to Keep Your Cats Out of the Kitchen

Had enough of cats underfoot? Don't like fur in your food? Try making your kitchen a forbidden zone. It'll give you piece of mind, and be better for your cats in the long run.

Cheap Homemade Cat Toys

Cats don't know the difference between store bought and homemade. Here's a list of cat toys that you can get cheap or make yourself.

Canine InjectionSite Sarcoma So Rare Your Vet Wont Believe You

Injection-site sarcoma is only officially recognized in cats, and is considered "extremely rare" (to the point of impossible, according to some veterinarians) in dogs. Extremely rare doesn't mean that it can't happen to your dog, though--just ask Duke.

Protect Your Furniture from Dreaded Cat Claws

You love your furniture. You love your cats. Your cats love your furniture, too. So much, in fact, that they can't keep their little paws off of your new sofa. Well, to be exact, they can't keep their claws off of your new sofa. What do you do?

Cat Talk

Purring isn't voice-generated; it comes from two membrane folds, called false vocal cords, that's situated in the larynx behind the actual vocal cords. Cats purr at 26 cycles per second, the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.

Ten Tips for CatProofing Your Home

If you've got cats at home, you know they love to explore. Did you know that there are many household items that can present a danger to your curious cat? You can eliminate hazards to your pet with these ten easy steps to pet-proofing your home.

Amputee Cat One Kittys Story

One of our cats suffered from an injury that eventually led to amputation. This is her story and current status living as a three legged kitty.

Reasons Cats Should Not Be Declawed

Declawing cats, although commonly done, has a negative impact on the health and lifespan of a cat. The reasons not to declaw your cat greatly outweigh the benefits of declawing your cat.