Is Milk Good for Cats

Read on to find out if milk is good for cats, and find out if this is a treat a feline should ever enjoy. You might be surprised!

Gatti Della Piramide The Pyramid Cats of Rome

When an old lady started caring for the stray cats around the Protestant Cemetery in Rome, she began a tradition that continues today.

Rescuing Stray Cats and Kittens Everything You Should Know Before Bringing Kitty Home

If you have the heart to rescue a stray cat or kitten there are several things you should learn first. Here are several tips that will help you take care of strays to make sure they are healthy.

Amazing Animals Cats

Third in a series of animal facts articles

Rabies Prevention is Still the Best Cure

Rabies is a virus that is found in the saliva of animals. Animals that are infected with the rabies virus can pass it on to humans by biting them. Domesticated pets like dogs and cats can (if not vaccinated) probably be of great risk to you.

Worried About Pet Food Recalls See If Homemade Cat Food is for You

When you make homemade cat food, you can control what goes into your cats' diet.

A Hairless Sphynx Cat in a Household of Normal Cats

I bought a purebred hairless Sphynx cat as a companion for my other two, furry cats. Now I have a crazy household, but don't regret it for a minute.

Breast Cancer in Pets

Breast Cancer is common among dogs and cats alike - both female and male (the disease is much more rare in males). I'm going to tell you about symptoms, treatments, and prevention of Breast Cancer in your pets, so I hope this will save the life of an animal.

Guide to Spaying and Neutering Cats

Female cats should be spayed and male cats should be neutered unless you have a show cat. There is so many unwanted cats and kittens that there is simply no reason to not do this with most cats!

How and Why to Brush Your Dogs Teeth Eliminating Doggy Breath

Dogs need their teeth brushed, too. An astounding 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3. Prevention is only a tooth brush away.

Feral Cats and the Trap Neuter & Return Program

Plagued with a colony of feral cats? Learn the mission behind the TNR program and why this program may work for you.

Tips for Having an Anti Social Cat

Anti social cats take some getting used to, but the feeling is mutual.

How to Tell If Your Cat is Overweight or Obese Its Signs and Treatment

Over 50 percent of cats in US households are considered overweight or obese by veterinary health care providers. How do you tell if your cat is overweight? The health risks? How to help them lose weight?

Family Pets Are the Innocent Victims of Foreclosure

House foreclosure has been a serious result of the troubled economy. Cats, Dogs and other pets have been found abandoned, starved, dehydrated and found dead in abandoned homes.

Help Your Pet Live a Greener Life

With approximately 170 million pet dogs and cats in the United States it is important to consider how we can reduce their carbon paw print. Here are three things you can do to help your pet live a greener life.

Cat Toilet Training is a Matter of Patience

The philosophy behind the process of training a cat to use a toilet is attributed to the cat's quality of adaptability to reasoning and learning. Cats learn by trial and error, observation and imitation.