Be a Good Mom to Your Cat

Shelters everywhere are always trying to get the cats that are homeless adopted by good families.

The Unusual Qualities of Siamese Cats

A Siamese cat or Siamese mix can be a great addition to almost any home. However, they do have some unusual qualities that are unique to this breed.

Natural Treatments for Cats with Cystitis

Blood in urine, straining and spraying can all be symptoms of FUS or cystitis in cats. These guidelines explain home remedies for treating female cats with urinary problems.

Saving Your Cat from Hematuria Blood in Cat Urine

What is hematuria and how to treat cats suffering from blood discharge in their urine?

Dangers for Cats

Guide to keeping your pets safe, and guide to cool, new pet products.

Raw Turkey for Healthier Cats

Feeding your cat a steady diet of raw turkey or raw meat has befuddled cat owners for years. My cats today are bright eyed, with silky coats that shed less and are more playful because they eat raw turkey daily.