Tearing and Tear Stains in Dogs

Tear stains is a common problem in dogs though it is more noticeable in white colored canines. Sometimes the problem of tearing in dogs can be prevented to a degree and staining can be remedied.

Livestock Guardian Options

Goats, sheep and in some cases calves often need protection not only from coyotes, cougars and other predators but, increasingly, from dogs allowed to wander loose that attack livestock.

The Truth About Puppy Mills

Dogs around the United States are bred in some of the most inumane conditions possible.

Breeds in the Terrier Group of Dogs

Most Terriers are great dogs for families with children, as they are playful and fun to be around. Lively Terriers make engaging companion animals for owners who can match their lively characters.

How to Toilet Train Your Cat

Proof that felines can do better tricks than dogs

Fun Ways to Pamper Your Small Dog

Small dogs have recently gained popularity. Here are a few ways you can pamper your own toy sized dog.

Talking to Your Cat

Unlike dogs who communicate with humans by peering into the master's eyes and then darting off towards whatever it is they want or need, cats employ a wide range of vocalizations, many of which are reserved for their communication with humans.

Where to Find the Best Organic Dog Food for Your FourLegged Friend

With people starting to think healthy about what they choose to eat it's no surprise that the trend has moved to include man's best friend - our dogs. But how can you find a good and safe organic dog food for your friends to eat and stay healthy?

Rabbits and Dogs Are More Alike Than You Might Think

Are you shopping for a pet? Have you considered getting a rabbit?

Spa Encounter for Your Dog

Do all dogs have to go to the spa? Of course not, but most would enjoy the attention. The problem with this is that their owner may not be capable of sending them to a spa but, most owners can give their dog a spa encounter at home.

Celebrity Dog Trainers

Celebrity dog trainers Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson give advice on how to train, choose, and treat dogs.

Best Websites for Pets

This article reviews 14 of the best websites for owners of dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and other pets.

Adams Spot on Flea & Tick Control for Medium Dogs 3160 Product Review

Adams Spot On Flea & Tick Control does not leave your pet's coat greasy at the application site.

Dogs Vs Cats How to Mediate a Conflict Between Pets

Tips to help you mediate the conflict between pets in your home.

Should Dogs Be Indoors or Outdoors

Dogs are not all the same nor are all situations the same. What's the best provision for your dog?

Dealing with Your Canine Adolescence A Challenge to Remember

This article deals with the behavioral oddities of dogs as they go through adolescence, just as children do. It also suggests what you can do to cope, while ensuring that you remain the boss and retain the special relationship you have with your pet.