Fish and Aquatic

How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean

Keeping your fish tank clean is not hard if you take a few steps on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, rather than waiting utnil you have a serious problem to address.

Snails Do I Want Them in My Fish Tank

Snails can be a helpful addition to your home aquarium, or they can reproduce like rabbits and take over the entire tank!

Exotic Additions to Your Community Tank

If you are ready for a change in your community tank, then learn which freshwater exotics you can easily incorporate into your exiting aquarium.

Setting Up a Freshwater Aquarium

Simple steps for creating and maintaining the perfect environment for your fish!

Tips for Starting Your Own Tropical Aquarium

How to easily start a new tropical fish tank

How to Set Up a Tropical Freshwater Aquarium

The key to having a beautiful, healthy fish tank is setting it up properly! Learn how to set up your first fish tank!

African Dwarf Frogs Cuties of the Aquatic World

African Dwarf Frogs are cute, entertaining, and easy to take care of. Try your hand at them today.

How to Clean Your Fish Tank

This step by step guide will tell you how to clean your fresh water fish tank from top to bottom. These cleaning tips will help you maintain a beautiful aquarium for years to come.

What Salt Water Aquarists Need to Know About the Berghia Nudibranch

Berghia nudibranchs are species of sea slug that can be raised in salt water tanks. These graceful creatures are also helpful, eating the pesky aiptasia or glass anemones.

A Childs First Aquarium

A fish is a great first pet for a young child and it's easy to set up. The average cost is around $30.00, not including fish, which are priced from 99 cents to hundreds of dollars.

Great Aquarium Corals and the Ease of Keeping Them

There is an influx of beautiful coral...

Tips for Catching Your Saltwater Fish in a Net

Your fish will get stressed out any time that you need to catch them in a net, move them out of the aquarium and temporarily put them in a bag. There are some good things to remember when you are catching your saltwater fish with a net and handling them.

Saltwater and Freshwater Fish in One Aquarium

GEX Corporation exhibited an aquarium inhabited by saltwater and freshwater fish. It's a miracle to see fish from different habitats swim together. Here are some reviews about the aquarium and what compound is used in making this miracle.

Water Source and Its Impact on Livestock and Marine Aquarium Success

Water is such a key component when dealing with the success, or not, of maintaining a healthy marine aquarium... Where does your water come from? YOU MAY BE SCARRED TO DEATH what's in it...