Orphaned Pups How to Care for Them

Pups who've lost their mom can easily die without the right care.

How to Keep Your Ferrets Happy

Most ferrets must be caged for at least part of the day. To keep them happy and stimulated, try these tips to liven up their day.

Is a Boxer Dog the Breed for You

Boxers are happy, high-spirited, intelligent and full of energy. If you have children, a Boxer dog is a great choice, because they are known to be very patient, loyal, and eager to form a close bond with its "pack," i.e., you and your family.

The Papillon A Toy Dog With Big Dog Attitude

Papillons aren't the most popular breed of dog, but these perky canines may find their way into your heart.

Miniature Donkey How to Decide If This is the Right Pet for Your Family

Miniature donkeys are becoming very popular. Before you decide to purchase one, there are several points to consider. This article will help you to make an informed decision.

Finding Homes for Puppies and Kittens

Many of us have been in a position to give away a litter of pups or kittens but it's not usually very easy to find good homes.

The Water Dragon is a Perfect Exotic Pet

A step-by-step journey into choosing a healthy water dragon, touching on proper husbandry, the controversy surrounding wild-caught animals and why they should be avoided, questions to ask breeders and what to look for in a healthy animal.

Feeding Your Pet Sugar Glider

Part of responsible pet ownership is seeing to your pet's nutritional needs. This can often be difficult with exotics, much of the information available being misleading, inconclusive, or incorrect. Learn what to feed and what not to feed a sugar glider.

Essential Tips for Caring for a Pet Boa Constrictor

Care of the animal should be a top priority, especially when dealing with an exotic or rare pet. In this case, the care of a boa constrictor is of the utmost importance.

Exotic Pets Greenrumped Parrotlet

Dogs and cats might not be pets for everyone. A parrotlet can provide an unusual alternative.

Find the Right Carrier for Your Cat

Finding a cat carrier that works for your cat's size and neuroses can be a challenge.

Caring for Your Dogs Ears

A dog's ears are among the most delicate parts of their bodies, and can easily become inflamed or infected. In fact, ear inflammation is one of the most common medical conditions in dogs, with an estimated 20 percent of canines affected.

Horse Care During Extreme Weather

Winter horse care is a little tricky. Here are some tips for success.

Three Things to Consider when Buying a Birdcage

If you're thinking about getting a new bird, then that means you'll have to look into some decent birdcages. There are numerous kinds to choose from for your new buddy, so here are a few tips to keep in mind when you find yourself in this position.

10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Enjoy a list of the 10 smartest dog breeds in the world.

Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Pet Instead of Buying a New Puppy or Kitten

Some reasons why rescuing a shelter animal can be more rewarding than buying a puppy.