Buying Horses at Auction

Buying horses from auctions can be a risky business. Make sure you know what you're buying before you write the check!

Horse Colors & Markings

If you have ever wondered what different colors horses come in, here is the place to find it!

What to Look for in a Horse Trailer

Having a horse trailer on hand is a good idea if you keep your horses at home and have no other way to get to a veterinarian quickly. Sundowner, Trails West, and Exiss are three great companies.

A Guide to Horse Illnesses and Injuries

New horse owners should be aware of possible injuries and illnesses that can effect even the most well-cared-for equine. Horses are fragile animals, and ignorance to treatment options can be deadly.

Horse Colic

Everything you ever wanted to know about horse colic!

Setting a Foundation for Your Young Horse Working with Your Yearling or Weanling

Too many people get a young foal on the ground and the first couple months he is spoiled with contact, with doing things unacceptable to other horses but "it's so cute".

So You Want a Horse A Guide to Beginning Horse Ownership

Many children fantasize about owning a pony, but how many actually receive their wish or even grow up to own one? Horse ownership is an investment that takes a lot of work and commitment, but it is worth it if you truly love this beautiful animal.

How to Make Delicious Treats at Home Your Horse Will Love

Recipes for creating your own horse treats at home.

Evolution of the Hackney Horse

Learn about the evolution of this wonderful, noble breed; it's versatility and current uses. Misinformation abounds about the Hackney Horse and Pony. I have owned, bred and shown Hackney Horses in a variety of disciplines for 20 years.

AraAppaloosa Horse Breed Characteristics

Controversy exists over whether the Appaloosas that the Nez Perce tribe rode were built like modern AraAppaloosas. But no matter their origins, these Arabian-Appaloosa crosses are beautiful and athletic.

Horse Equine Emergency First Aid Kit a Necessity for Every Barn

Horse owners need to keep an equine emergency first aid kit on hand in their barn. If you are a long time horse owner or a new horse owner, it is always nice to have a beginners list to start building that equine emergency first aid kit from.

How to Groom Your Horse for Health

Grooming your horse is something essential for any age or use of horse. It allows for health, daily maintenance, catching problems early and producing a horse who looks well.

10 Tips for Preventing Horse Barn Fires

Barn fires are scary indeed. More than 1,000 structure fires destroy barns filled with horses or other livestock annually. How can barn fires be prevented? Ten tips for preventing horse barn fires are listed alphabetically here.

How to Saddle a Horse

How to saddle a horse.

Just Bought Your First Horse Now What Do You Do

Taking a horse home and hopping right on his back is not the best thing to do (especially if you are a beginner). Here are a few things to do first.

Tips on Buying Your New Horse

There are many things to consider when you buy a new horse. Everything from what the horse will be doing to what the rider will be like is important. In this article you will find exactly what you should know while looking for your new horse.