Small Animals

The Pot Bellied Pig

A pot-bellied pig is not so small and can have behavior problems. Prospective buyers need to know what they are getting into.

Smaller Dogs Seem to Be Getting Bigger

it's once again become fashionable in some circles to carry around an overdressed small pooch with you. Small dogs need extra care and attention when training....

Boer Goats Are a Wonderful Addition to Any Small Farm

Boer goats make good farm animals and pets. They are tame, have cool personalities, eat brush and are easy to care for.

FlatBac Small Pet Water Bottle

The Flat-Bac water bottle is supposed to be a premium quality water bottle, but in reality, it doesn't deliever.

Common Small Animal Poisons

Just like children, animals are curious creatures. Considering this inquisitive nature, it is not uncommon that animals sometimes mix with poisonous products.

Keeping a Dog Happy Living in an Apartment

Dogs that live in apartments or small homes can be as happy, if not happier, than dogs living in large homes with yards. All that is needed is time for exercise, play, and training.

Why is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Called the Nanny Dog

Although aggressive to other dogs, Staffordshire bull terriers or Staffies are extrememly tolerant of toddlers and children. This is how they got their nickname of "nanny dog." But one should never leave a small child unsupervised with any dog.

Benefits and Perks to Adopting a Chihuahua Dog

The Chihuahua is a spunky little breed of dog that makes a great companion for most. They are great little watch dogs as well. Research may show that the Chihuahua is not the best pet for small children . . .

Protect Your Chihuahua and Other Small Pets from Outside DangersBirds of Prey

That are many dangers that lurk outside for the small breed of dog. They can be attacked by larger dogs, coyotes, large cats and birds of prey. Keeping your dog on a leash keeps you in control for the protection of your dog.

Effects of Hypoglycemia on Your Dog

Low blood sugar can affect our dogs and is more common than we think. Small pets are most often affected. Just as with humans that are diabetic, a small dog may need a little sugar to raise the blood sugar and avoid lethargic results.

Skyros Pony Breed Characteristics

More of a small horse than a true pony, the Skyros is a very rare Greek breed with many detractors and admirers. Not as pretty or flashy as other breeds, the Skyros is built to work.

Canine Hypoglycemia Causes Diagnosis and Treatment

Hypoglycemia affects animals and humans alike. The condition is a result of low blood sugar. Smaller dogs are more susceptible though large dogs can be affected. Treatment is necessary for control of the condition.

Boston Terriers Should You Bring One Home

A Boston Terrier owner gives her take on the top six pros and cons you should know about Bostons before you choose one as your next pet. Find out if this popular small dog is the right fit your lifestyle.

Irresponsible Dog Owners in Public Areas

As the mother of three small children I often find myself spending an hour or two at our local park. My husband always accompanies us on these little "adventures" in an effort to keep a close eye on our children.

How to Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet

Cleaning out a litter box is never fun and even the most expensive litter never quite covers that unattractive smell. It is even harder to live in a small house or apartment with a cat, so why not train your cat to use the toilet? It can be done.

How To Teach Your Small Dog to Use a Cat Litter Pan

Teaching your dog how to use a litter pan can be especially convenient for those living in urban cities, who have no choice, but to walk their dogs.