Tips And How Tos

How to Keep Your Child Safe Around the Family Dog

More and more people are using dogs for protection, and the reports of dog attacks on children continue to grow

Checklist for Traveling With Your Pets

Many people see traveling with pets as a daunting task, but also don't want to leave precious "furry family members" at home during a long trip. Find out how to make a vacation easier on your pet and let him or her experience your family outing.

How to Care for the Crested Gecko

They are one of the easiest geckos to care for and don't require a large enclosure or high heat and can eat many foods. Because they have fragile skin, can drop their tales and have the ability to jump quickly, they should be handled carefully.

How to Trim Your Dogs Nails

Your dog needs his nails trimmed at least once a month. Dog nails left untrimmed can lead to health problems, such as sore ankles and tender feet. The best and easiest way to accomplish this is to do it yourself. Your dog will appreciate it.

Giving Your Cat Oral Medicines

If you have at least one cat, then you need to read this informative article. It will teach you how to administer oral medicines that are in liquid, pill, or tablet forms without causing too much stress on your feline.

How to Get Your Cat Out of a Tree

Cats are natural climbers, so it's no wonder they sometimes find themselves, "up a tree". Read this informative article and find out six ways you can get your cat out of a tree today!

GroomingAn Essential Part of Keeping Your Pit Bull Healthy

As any loving Pit Bull owner or breeder will tell you, learning how to groom your Pit Bull and making sure it is done often can be a key element to keeping him healthy and happy.

How to Setup a Saltwater Tank Properly

MY tried and true techniques and instructions from choosing a tank all the way to beginner fish.

How to Properly Feed a Weaned Kitten

Once a kitten is weaned from its mother, it's now your turn to properly feed it. Find out how to do that by reading this article today!

How to Ease Your Dogs Excessive Barking

Is your dog barking all the time? Just like any other bark there is a reason here are a few things to try to quiet your pooch.

How to Tell If an Animal Has Rabies

If you see a dog, cat, or a wild animal, and it's slobbering or staggering or otherwise acting strangely, it might be infected with the Rabies disease. Read this informative article and find out what you need to know today!

How to Cure a Kittens Biting and Aggressive Attacking

Do you have an older kitten at your house? Does he or she bite, scratch, or attack you on a regular basis? Then, read this instructive article and learn some cures for this type of behavior today!

Rats as Pets How to Care for Your New Pet

Rats are wonderful, yet commonly misunderstood creatures. They are very clean and friendly, and have much more personality than most other "pocket pets".

Help Your Pet Deal with Their Deafness

Pet deafness can be difficult to deal with, learn how to effectively help your pet.

Caring for Tadpoles

Learn how to care for tapoles. Step-by-step instrutions to raising a tadpole.

How to Stop Your Pets Bleeding

Control your pet's bleeding.