Tips And How Tos

Raising Rabbits for Meat

Learn how to raise your own rabbits as a nutritional source for your family's table.

How to Give Your Pet a Bath and Avoid Hysteria

Best ways to relax your pet before and during his bath.

How to Spot Diseases in Your Fish Tank

When your fish get sick, treating the correct disease is the key to a quick recovery. Learn how to spot some of the most common freshwater fish diseases, and what to do to cure them.

Training Your Cat To Use the Toilet

How to train your cat to use the toilet, training yourself, enlisting family help, how cats learn, the use of praise and reprimands, the eight steps to training the cat.

How to Find Exotic Pets at Animal Shelters

Many people adopt their pet dogs and cats from shelters, yet never think twice about buying a guinea pig or a parakeet from a pet store. Discover how simple it is to find exotic pets in shelters near you.

How to Help Your Pet Cope with the Death of Another Pet

Humans often grieve the loss of a beloved pet, but surviving pets may grieve this loss as well. Understanding your pet's grief may help you, and your surviving pet, work through the process of grief together.

Coping with the Loss of a Pet

The grief felt when a pet passes away can be just as intense as when a fellow human passes away. It isn't always easy to know how to help yourself grieve for a pet.

How to Determine If a Ferret is in Pain

Ferrets in pain tend to hide any signs of pain. But the savvy ferret owner that has taken the time to get to know the individual ferret should be alarmed at any change in appetite or behavior.

Keeping Minnows as Pets Care and Feeding

You have a new school of minnows, and you need to know how to keep them. Unfortunately, finding out how to feed and care for a minnow is not a simple task-- unless you know, specifically, what species you have.

How to Convince Your Cat to End a Hunger Strike

This article outlines some of the reasons cats may refuse to eat and offers tips for pet guardians who are caring for a cat who is refusing food. The article also outlines the ways in which a veterinarian might treat the condition.

What Not to Do when Introducing a New Kitten to an Older Cat

There is a great deal of misinformation floating around about how to introduce a kitten to an older cat. Here are some things you should never do when introducing your cat to a new kitten.

How to Care for a Pot Bellied Pig

How to keep your pig healthy and happy should be on every pig owners mind.

How to Get Your Dog to Love Its Crate

If plan to crate your dog, use these simple, no nonsense tips to get your pet to love its crate.

How to Prevent and Treat Bumblefoot in Pet Rats

Tips on what causes bumblefoot in pet rats, how to prevent it and how to treat it.

How to Stop Excessive Shedding in Dogs

Most dogs shed, and when they do they can leave behind a huge mess. Excessive shedding can be a sign of poor health or negligent grooming habits. Here are ten things you can do to reduce the amount of hair and fur your dog sheds.

How to Cure Bad Breath in Dogs

Dogs get bad breath. Whether a build up bacteria from gum disease, an abscessed tooth or a rotting piece of grass is lodged between your pet's teeth, you need to learn the root cause of the offensive odor to get rid of the bad dog breath.