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Animalintex Pad 8"X16" Animalintex Pad 8"X16"

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Animalintex Pad 8"X16"

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  • Soothes chapped skin & sunburns
  • Prevents drying & cracking,
  • Wound healing and relief of minor stiffness and soreness
  • Multi purpose ointment Contains 30% lanolin, For both hot and cold usage
  • 3 Packages of 3M Animalintex Poultice - 8x16in Each
  • Brand: 3M
  • Size: Animalintex Pad 8"X16"
  • Shipping weight: 60
  • Model: Animalintex Pad 8"X16"
  • EAN: 0051115052774
  • MPN: Animalintex Pad 8"X16"

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