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EastCities Winter Puppy HoodieSmall Dogs Warm Coat AD21

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Our size is smaller than the standard size!!! Please carefully measure your dog's back,chest and neck (a bit loosely when measure), and then refer to the following information before buy:

Size S: (Back:7.8 inch/20cm, Chest:12.5 inch/32cm, Neck:9.1 inch/23cm, fit for 2.5- 4 lb)

Size M: (Back:9.8 inch/25cm, Chest:14.5 inch/37cm, Neck:10.2 inch/26cm, fit for 4-6.5 lb)

Size L: (Back:11.8 inch/30cm, Chest:16.5 inch/42cm, Neck:11.4 inch/29cm, fit for 6.5-9 lb)

Size XL: (Back:13.7 inch/35cm, Chest:18.5 inch/47cm, Neck:12.5 inch/32cm, fit for 9-13.5 lb)

Size 2XL: (Back:15.7 inch/40cm, Chest:20.4 inch/52cm, Neck:13.7 inch/35cm, fit for 13.5-19.5 lb)

Size 3XL: (Back:17.7 inch/45cm, Chest:25.5 inch/65cm, Neck:15.7 inch/40cm, fit for 19.5- 25 lb)


• Comfort: Cotton fabric, super soft and warm, the comprehensive protection of your pet, so that he or she feel good at any time;

• Personality: Four legs design and stripes are a perfect match, athletic, vitality, your dog will be more eye-catching everywhere;

• More Sizes: From S to 9XL, 12 sizes to promise you to choose the perfect one for your baby (be sure to carefully measure the dog , if your dog is growing, choose a large one)

Package includes:1 x Hoodie

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  • Striped design makes your pet more lively,it is more than just a hoodie
  • Four-legged design with button closure and elastic waist, easy to wear and take off
  • Perfect for every day wear, sleep time and photos,Size 2XL: (Back:15.7 inch/40cm, Chest:20.4 inch/52cm, Neck:13.7 inch/35cm, fit for 13.5-19.5 lb)
  • Material:cotton & polyester,very soft and warm,more comprehensive protection for your cute baby dog
  • TIPS: Our size is smaller than the standard size!!! Please measure your pets carefully (especially the back girth) and choose the correct size according to our size chart before buying
  • Brand: EastCities
  • Size: 2XL(Chest20.4",Back15.7")
  • Color: Grey
  • Shipping weight: 60
  • Model: AD21
  • EAN: 6258030824569
  • MPN: AD16

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