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Best Pet Supplies - Voyager Dog Windproof Hoodie

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WINDPROOF YOUR WALKS WITH STYLE. Short Sleeves for Furry Friends For the fashion hound in your life, here is the must-have apparel of the season, complete with a snack pouch – just like on your own hoodie! Short sleeves present the perfect balance between warmth and comfort, providing that all-important freedom of movement for your furry friend. Extra Warmth for Windy Walks Make windy-day dog walks something to look forward to with this great pullover hoodie that is so cozy, it features a Velcro neck opening for ventilation. Give your animal companion that warm and fuzzy feeling in style! Here Are Even More Great Reasons to Love the Voyager Classic Windproof Hoodie Pullover: - Non-irritating material allows for prolonged wear when necessary. - Good for any breed or even other small animals, with a variety of sizes available. - Voyager-branded products by Best Pet Supplies lead the industry in multiple product categories, so you can always shop with confidence. Enjoy windy-day walks again with Voyager’s varsity-styled hoodie sweater for dogs. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

  • DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND: Yet another nice touch is the discrete but handy leash-access hole. Terrific!
  • EASY CLEANING RELIABILITY: Machine-washable (on delicate cycle) and line dry, high-quality cotton and polyester construction will last many, many seasons.
  • SOOTHING, CALMING: The sheer softness and snug fit may gently help your friend feel secure and happy, so this sweater can double as an anxiety aid.
  • BRING BACK THE NOSTALGIA: The adorable retro design recalls happy youthful times. And varsity styling ensures that your dog is the leader of the pack!
  • STAY TOASTY LONGER: Thick cotton-polyester mix provides exceptional warmth and wind proofing. Stylish pocket for snacks! A Velcro chest opening lets air in and out when this hoodie gets too warm.
  • Brand: Best Pet Supplies, Inc.
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Shipping weight: 20
  • Model: 252-RB-M
  • EAN: 0842637100476
  • MPN: 252-RB-M

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