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Stock Show Small Pet Outdoor Walking Harness

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This set contains a harness with a cute vest harness and a matching colored leash. It is the most stylish way to walk your favorite pet family member. The harness and the leash are designed to walk your critters safely. The adjustable size fits smaller ferrets, skunks, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other critters. The H shaped Harnesses are a comfortable alternative to collars for smaller sized pets because they distribute the weight of the pet evenly throughout. Our harnesses are designed to be gentle and put less stress on the pet when it pulls on the leash. Made of soft, lightweight and breathable material. Machine washable for easy cleaning. We highly recommend measuring your pet neck and chest size precisely with a flexible measuring tape to ensure the best fit. Contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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  • This small animal harness and leash suitable for ferret, rat, squirrel and other small animals. To reducing tugging and pulling on your pet's neck and keep your pet safe and comfortable. Nice for walking, jogging.
  • Easy to use and its 2 secure stickers allow you to remove it with ease. Always walking your pet also make the pet's movements more agile and lively, also avoid obesity.
  • Dual-Usage: Can use it as small pet harness leash or charming outfits for your cute furry friends; with a bright beautiful color and cute bowknot decoration, is really adorable and elegant, will be a perfect gift for your lovely pets
  • Superior Quality - It is made of high quality cotton cloth and short plush lining, soft texture and ideal both for four season due to breathable and comfortable feature.
  • Size: S--Leash is 135cm/ 4.4ft length, 3/8 inches/1cm width; Neck is 4.3-5.12 inches/11-13cm, Chest is 4-5.5 inches/10-14cm; Guinea Pig Size: B07HVSF7N9
  • Brand: Stock Show
  • Size: S
  • Color: Pink Star
  • EAN: 0601285512464
  • MPN: GVD-103952

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