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Adams Spot on Flea & Tick Control for Medium Dogs 3160 Product Review

Adams Spot On Flea & Tick Control does not leave your pet's coat greasy at the application site.

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NEW! LICKS Dog Senior Pet Gummi Vitamins -

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Who says you can't teach an old dog a new trick? LICKS® Senior Gummi vitamins has just what your pup needs to keep him acting young and active. The USA Vegetarian Glucosamine found in Senior is absorbed and distributed to joint tissues, aiding in mobility and managing joint pain. Senior helps to keep your pup fit and fabulous by helping him burn excess body fat and improving dry skin and coat with Omega 3s. And as an added bonus LICKS only uses Omega 3s that has been derived from small fish, ensuring higher quality and safer standards. Not only will your dog be looking good and acting younger, Senior helps to regulate the digestive system, making irregular digestion a thing of the past. Daily activities such as running and jump are no longer a pain for your dog after using LICKS Senior Gummi vitamins. About LICKS Pill-Free® LICKS Pill-Free is an innovative new delivery system for high quality supplements. Unlike pills or chews, LICKS comes in a gummi vitamin which allows for over 90% absorption rate. Each LICKS formula is made in the USA in human facilities with all natural, human grade ingredients that have been sourced in the Americas. For easy administration, LICKS gummi vitamins works best given direct to a dog's mouth. With medicinal levels of each active ingredient and an over 90% absorption rate, LICKS is a next generation solution to pet ailments.

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  • Trade secret protected formulation: Administer LICKS Gummi daily. < 30 lbs = 1 gummi daily; 31-85 lbs = 2 gummi's daily; 85+ lbs = 3 gummi's daily.
  • Sourced and produced in the USA, with a natural savory flavor! Made in facilities and with ingredients for products meant for human consumption - 100% Human Grade.
  • Pill-Free administration process allows for 98% absorption rate vs. 20% with pills and chews. In other words, LICKS is up to 10x's more effective than pills or chews!
  • Keeps your pup feeling young again with essential vitamins that help with aging.
  • Strongest formulation on the market - packed with active ingredients that help support better mobility, immunity, digestion, skin & coat, and heart health in older dogs.
  • Brand: Licks Pill Free
  • EAN: 0854433003561
  • MPN: 11007

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