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Healthy Herp Tortoise Food Instant Meal Bulk

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Healthy Herp® Tortoise Food Instant MealTM is all natural, contains no preservatives and is healthy and nutritious. This food has been specifically blended for tortoises. This product has been lightly dusted with calcium, because different reptiles have different needs, please be familiar with your pet's requirements and supplement accordingly. This product can be used as a daily diet, in addition to the daily diet or as a treat.

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  • All Tortoises. Also Recommended For: Uromastyx, Chuckwallas, Desert Iguanas, Spiny-Tailed Iguanas (Ctenosaura) and Rock Iguanas (Cyclura).
  • Contains Cactus: known for extremely high nutritional values, high calcium content and digestibility. Hibiscus: to help promote health and assist digestion
  • Tortoise Food when rehydrated returns to its natural state making it irresistible to reptiles
  • Specifically mixed for tortoises
  • Healthy Herp Tortoise Food Instant Meal is all natural, contains no preservatives and is healthy and nutritious.
  • Brand: Healthy Herp
  • Shipping weight: 4.49
  • EAN: 0000945719463
  • MPN: 71946

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