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Habitrail Mini Loft 62043

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The habitrail mini loft comes complete with 2 curves and 2 lock connectors. The habitrail mini loft is the ideal spot for a pet to cozy up in. Typically a dwarf hamster or mouse will climb in with food and bedding so they can make a comfortable place to sleep. The top of the loft is easily removed so that you can reach in and pet or play with your pet.

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  • Complete with 2 curves and 2 lock connectors
  • Great sleeping area for your small pet
  • Provides easy viewing of your pet
  • Provides additional space for your pet to play or sleep
  • Attachment piece for the Habitrail Mini
  • Brand: Habitrail
  • Shipping weight: 70
  • Model: 62043
  • EAN: 0080605620438
  • MPN: 62043

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