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Omega One Super Color Cichlid Pellet - Large 52332

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Made with real shrimp, these pellets are like no other. We purchase whole, fresh shrimp direct from Alaskan fishermen and women. It is 100% food grade and loaded with natural color enhancers and delicious cold-water proteins.

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  • Feed 1-3 times daily, using only as much food as fish can consume in two minutes.
  • Natural beta carotenes in salmon provide extreme color enhancement
  • Rich in Omega 3 & 6 for strong immune systems
  • Formulated with a variety of fresh seafoods and increased levels of color enhancers for your prized cichlids
  • Brand: Omega One
  • Shipping weight: 21
  • Model: 52332
  • EAN: 0698220855311
  • MPN: 85531

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