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MEWTOGO 2 pcs Adjustable and Breathable Bunny

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Do you want to take your bunny out to play?
This harness with lead is designed for rabbits!

Material: Mesh and nylon
Quantity: Two ( M and L)
M: neck circumference: 5.5-7inch, bust: 7-9.8inch, lead (L * W): 47inch
L: neck circumference: 6.3-8inch, bust: 8-12.6inch, lead (L * W): 47inch

Just select this and enjoy good time with your furry friend.

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  • This harness makes rabbit enjoyed lots of exercise and playtime in your garden with it on.
  • Well made design and high quality materail gives comfortable wearing experience.
  • The leash is stretchy so if he tries to go some where it didn't pull and choke him.
  • There is an extra security of the clip around the neck,and the velcro part doesn't come undone easily.
  • The harness holds bunny in a way that keeps him from slipping out, and it doesn't restrict his movement.
  • Brand: MEWTOGO
  • Color: Blue 2 pack
  • Shipping weight: 26
  • MPN: MEWTOGO Bunny Harness-2 pack

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