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Rhinox Airline Tubing: 6 Feet in Length White, Off white

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All-purpose Rhinox Airline Tubing is perfect for all your aquarium needs. This clear, long-lasting plastic tubing is the choice of most hobbyists when replacing the airline for their commercial or heavy duty air pumps.

These 3/16" tubing comes in 6-feet per pack, long enough to stretch around most aquariums. The flexible plastic is resistant to kinks and doesn't fold easily, ensuring that the airflow to your tank is maintained. It also comes with two check valves to prevent backflow that may damage the air pump and other electronic equipment, and three suction cups to hold everything in place. Because it's clear, you don't have to worry about it being an eyesore. You'll be able to enjoy the beauty of your aquascape without even realising it's there!

Rhinox Airline Tubing has been the choice of most aquarium hobbyists, but people have found many other uses for this versatile product. Gardeners have used these tubing as irrigation via drip-feeding for their greenhouses. Excess tubing is wrapped around gardening tools as extra cushioning. They also use the tubing to tie supports to plants and trees as they are more stretchable than rope or string. Office managers have used these Rhinox tubings to replace the filthy piping in water dispensers and milk fridges of espresso machines. This is one of the essential items for your aquarium today.

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE --- Besides aquariums, Rhinox Airline Tubing is great as irrigation pipes in gardens, or even for replacing the milk pipes in espresso machines.
  • CLEAR AND UNOBTRUSIVE --- Clear and discrete, doesn't obstruct the beauty of your aquarium landscape.
  • EVERYTHING YOUR AQUARIUM NEEDS --- At 6-ft in length, you'll have sufficient tubing for most aquarium sizes.
  • FLEXIBLE AND KINK-RESISTANT --- Rhinox Airline Tubing is made with good quality plastic and resistant to kinks. Sturdy yet flexible, it can wrap around any aquarium tank and equipment without snagging or affecting air flow.
  • GREAT FOR AQUARIUM AIRLINE USES --- For use on all aquariums, especially with heavy duty professional and commercial air pumps. It has an inner diameter of 3/16" and comes with three suction cups and two check valves that prevent backflow that may damage the air pump and other electronic equipment.
  • Brand: Rhinox
  • Size: 6 Feet
  • Color: White, Off white
  • Shipping weight: 2
  • EAN: 0791043303851
  • MPN: 43349-466

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