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Hartz 01526 1.95 Oz Wardley Gold Fish Flakes 1.95 Oz

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AWA1526 Size: 1.95 Oz Features: -Fish food.-Primary diet for all goldfish.-Specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of cold water fish.-Flakes stay firm and won't explode as fish strike them.-Excellent source of vitamin C.-High protein.-All vegetable growth and conditioning formula.-Scientifically proven to aid stress reduction in fish and help boost the immune system.-Formulated specifically for tropical and marine fish.-Scientifically developed for goldfish.-Helps maintain clean water.-Designed to support normal growth.-Containing blue, green algae, wardley premium spirulina plus with beta glucan.-Capacity: 1 oz tubes.-Capacity: 1.95 oz tubes. Options: -Available in 1 oz and 1.95 oz sizes. Color/Finish: -No artificial colors or dyes that can harm fish or cloud water. Dimensions: -Weight: 0.13 lb.-1 oz dimensions: 2.26'' H x 3.94'' W x 2.26'' D.-Weight: 0.27 lb.-1.95 oz dimensions: 2.79'' H x 5.06'' W x 2.79'' D.

  • This this product is fortified with natural attractants.
  • That helps enhance the brilliant coloration, growth and vitality of all goldfish.
  • Is formulated with an optimal blend of ingredients to deliver superior nutrition.
  • Brand: Wardley
  • Size: 1.95 Oz
  • Shipping weight: 23
  • EAN: 0043324015268
  • MPN: 01526

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