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3M Vetrap 4" Bright Color Bandaging Tape Bright Color Combo

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Vetrap Bandaging Tape is the first choice in self-adherent veterinarian wraps. Preferred most by veterinarians & professional trainers, Vetrap elastomer bandages provide superior support that stays put. The flexible bandage fits comfortably while conforming over tough-to-bandage areas like joints or wounds that require underlying pads. The breathable material protects while allowing air to reach wounds reducing risk of infection. The self-stick bandages uses no adhesive so it sticks to itself but not to hair or other items. Each roll measures 4" x 5 yards and is available in many other sizes & colors. Made in the USA.

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  • Made in the USA.
  • Arrives in a Pillow Box so your Vetrap is easy to unwrap and safe from damage.
  • Self-stick bandage won't stick to hair or other items.
  • Includes 6 colorful rolls. (Purple, Bright Orange, Hot Pink, Lime Green & Teal)
  • The Number #1 bandage wrap preferred by trainers & veterinarians.
  • Brand: 3M Vetrap
  • Size: 6-Pack
  • Color: Bright Color Combo
  • Shipping weight: 50

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