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Cobalt Aquatics 34292 Newt & Salamander Minis 1.

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Cobalt newt and salamander minis are a nutritious, vitamin-packed formula that is ideal for all newt and salamander species. These small-sized pellets have been specifically designed to include attractants which will coax the pickiest pets to indulge. The energy-boosting daily diet will increase our pet's overall activity, while ensuring they are receiving a complete diet with plenty of protein!

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  • Extremely nutritious, vitamin-packed daily Diet!
  • The perfect meal for all newts and salamanders
  • Contains 1- 1.2oz pack
  • Brand: Cobalt Aquatics
  • Size: 1.2 oz
  • Model: 34292
  • EAN: 0847852004332
  • MPN: 34292

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