Unusual Exotic Pets The Cuban Knight Anole

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The Gila Monster

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Tips for Finding an Escaped Pet Reptile

There's a moment of panic when you discover that your reptile has escaped its enclosure and is now lost somewhere in…

(2 Pack) Zoo Med Labs 40W Nano Basking Spot Lamp 1

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(2 Pack) Zoo Med Labs 40W Nano Basking Spot Lamp

  • For use with diurnal reptiles
  • For basking
  • Natural-looking Daylight
  • 2 Packages each containing 1 - 40W bulb
  • (2 Pack) Zoo Med Labs 40W Nano Basking Spot Lamp
  • Brand: Zoo Med
  • Size: 1
  • Model: BCI602007-X2
  • EAN: 0097612360219
  • MPN: B075LQ98TC

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