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Omega One Newt & Salamander Pellets 1.2oz 63111

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These sinking pellets contain an abundance of fresh, natural fats, which are critical for proper growth and metabolism in frogs and tadpoles. With fewer starches and carbohydrates, they also provide the ideal low-fiber diet to promote proper digestion.

  • Feed 3-4 pellets per animal daily or as much as animal can consume in a 24 hour period. If uneaten food remains after 24 hours, remove it and begin to feed a smaller amount.
  • Only fresh marine proteins such as wild salmon and halibut are used in these pellets - no meals, hydrolysates, or protein digests
  • Formulated with the ideal levels of Vitamin A, D3, and Calcium - all critical for healthy development and the prevention of disease in amphibians.
  • Brand: Omega One
  • Size: 1.2 OZ
  • Shipping weight: 8
  • Model: 63111
  • EAN: 0698220631113
  • MPN: 63111

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